Be Bold and Get Noticed: 10 Ways to Make Your Company Stand Out at a Virtual Career Fair

How To Attract The Job Seekers You Want in a Virtual Environment

What You Need to Know Before, During, and After the Event

Whether you're a small company or a large corporation, it can be tough to figure out how to stand out at a job fair — especially when you're working within the confines of a virtual environment. The pandemic has forced companies to get creative when working to attract ideal candidates. At 6Connex, we understand your dilemma, and we're here to help. As a leader in the virtual and hybrid event solution space, we know what it takes for companies to get noticed at a virtual event, and we're sharing our top tips to help you get attention from the potential job candidates who matter most.


Getting Ready to Stand Out at a Career Fair: Prepare to Wow Potential Applicants

Tip #1: Get ahead of the game - connect before the event begins.

Virtual career fair attendees are faced with many options, and you want to be sure that your company stands out before the fair even begins. Review resumes and reach out to highly qualified candidates in advance of the career fair, making it more likely that the people you want to hire will make time to chat with your company.


Tip #2: Put in the prep work necessary to attract your ideal candidates.

Find out what type of market the virtual career fair you're attending was crafted for, and be sure that your company is a good fit. Once you decide that you're in the right place for the candidates you want, make your trade show booth stand out! Tailor your online booth to attract the people you want to talk to. Use keywords that your target market will search for, make sure your salary range is on point for your target market, and be sure to include any unique perks your company offers front and center in your booth description.


Tip #3: Leverage the knowledge from your virtual event platform provider for helpful tips.

Be sure you understand how your virtual event software will work long before the day of your virtual event. You want to show potential applicants that you're prepared and reliable, and you don't want tech issues to get in the way. You may also want to consider chatting with a virtual event planning professional to see if they'll do a once-over of your virtual booth to let you know if you'll stand out from the crowd. If your virtual event company offers live-day support with your venue package, make sure you are taking advantage of the resources available.


Connecting With Your Target Prospects During the Show

Tip #4: Exercise proper job fair etiquette, even in a virtual trade show or virtual job fair environment.

You'd make a point to be as professional and polite as possible at an in-person career fair — and you need to do the same for a career fair that takes place online. Be enthusiastic, polite, interested, and fully answer each candidate's questions (even if you aren't sure whether they're qualified for openings at your company). 


Tip #5: Take notes.

Jot down a few notes about stellar candidates. Doing so doesn't just help you keep track of the great people you meet at your virtual career fair — it can also prompt you to ask questions to fill in the blanks on your notes. While your focus should be on professional facts about each candidate, remember to also jot down personal tidbits that candidates mention. It can make it easier to get the conversation flowing when you reach out for more information. 


Tip #6: Utilize company talent.

You don't have to go it alone. Ask some of your company's most welcoming personalities to join you for the virtual career fair. Talk to high-energy employees in departments that are hiring and ask if they'd be willing to pop in to chat with potential candidates and explain what it's like to work in their area of the company. Doing so can help candidates get a feel for their potential new role.


Tip #7: Discuss flexibility.

Over the past few years, flexibility at work has become more important than ever. If the positions for which you're hiring offer a remote work option or other types of scheduling flexibility, be sure to mention it as a selling point to potential new employees while you're chatting about the perks of working at your company. 


After the Job Fair: Follow Up With Flair 

Tip #8: Reach out (sooner rather than later).

This isn't a first date - there's no need to play it cool after you meet a great potential candidate. Reach out the day following the virtual career fair, and let them know you'd like to bring them in for an interview. Remember, if you think a potential candidate is great, other companies are probably feeling the same way. You need to act fast.


Tip #9: Offer connections.

After you follow up with a potential candidate, have their potential new supervisor do the same. A personal call from their possible future boss can help a candidate get a positive feeling about what it would be like to take on the role your company has to offer.


Tip #10: When possible, offer to meet up in person.

If you're able to, meeting up for coffee can give a potential candidate the chance to feel out what your company has to offer. Be clear with the candidate that you're offering a no-pressure chance to get to know one another.


Elevate Your Virtual Environment - Take Your Hiring Fair to the Next Level

With 6Connex, the possibilities for your virtual event are endless. If you're planning a virtual job fair, virtual trade show, virtual conference, or other online or hybrid events, we're excited to help. Our always-on-call global customer support team will be with you every step of the way, from envisioning the ideas for your event to celebrating your success. Take advantage of our virtual job fair resources below, or reach out to our event pros to learn more and get the planning process started.


How to Design a Virtual Job Fair


Download our virtual job fairs checklist: 8 Things to Consider When Planning a Virtual Job Fair.

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