6 Ways to Brandify and Customize Your Virtual Venue (But wait, there’s more!)

As we continue moving into digital transformation, virtual events continue to be in high demand. Organizations seeking to create successful and sustainable events are challenged with using the right virtual event solutions that attract, engage, and delight their customers, audience, employees, and stakeholders. 


Creating a Fully Immersive Branded Event Can Be Challenging 

The options are endless between room types, platform, content, click actions to be branded, and webcasting screen. 6Connex is here to help turn your big ideas into engaging virtual reality to make a complicated process, simple. Building consistency across every touch point that’s memorable and has the flexibility and capacity to merge with different engagement tools and event tech integrations is crucial in establishing a reliable name and reputation. 

While virtual events are nothing new, the time and effort needed to create an immersive venue for virtual or  hybrid events is just as demanding as an in-person event. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult! 6Connex offers an easy to use event tech platform where you can streamline your organization process, promotion and event management all with a few simple clicks. Our event technology delivers a fully branded event on both desktop experiences and mobile event apps that include; digital ticketing and registration, instant notifications, surveys, polls,, and post-event analytics. 

Organizers who are used to designing for an in-person event don’t realize how important branding is for the online event. Attendees of the event should feel just as connected to the brand as with an online event. Many solutions are available to create virtual environment synergy with a unique look and feel. You must capture them from the beginning, starting with the virtual event table design. Utilizing virtual event software can assist with this process, ensuring the virtual event lobby design and the virtual event stage design all align with the brand. ***Consistent branding is vital when presenting your virtual lobby, stage, and trade show booths. With the right virtual event platform, you can do that easily with a click of a button.


Branding and Customizing Your Virtual Event Platform

To provide a personalized, unique event with diverse audiences, you must consider what types of connections those attendees want to make. Consider the following:

  • What’s the target audience?
  • What expectations do the attendees have?
  • Who do they want to connect with?
  • What types of content are they looking for?

Here are a few ways to effectively brand your virtual event design that goes beyond ensuring you have the correct fonts, colors, and logo. 


  • Start with an event page
    No matter the event, you’ll need to start with an event landing page. Don’t forget to cover the basics, such as a headline, brief description, supporting image or video, and a CTA form to seal the deal. If you’re looking to spice it up, add some customer testimonials!
  • Email strategy
    Email must be a significant part of the equation, with specific campaigns that address your attendees, vendors, sponsors, and media partners. Every email should be personal and branded with your key objectives from start to finish. Make it easier with our Eventory platform where you can promote, schedule and send emails straight from your smartphone.
  • Get social
    Your social media should be branded like every other element. Some companies go so far as to set up specific branded social media pages, especially if this is an annual event. This should be an extension of the landing page or website that further showcases event details, speakers, promotions, and more. Having a dedicated hashtag allows you to stay engaged with your audience as they leave comments. 
  • Welcome video
    When your virtual event attendees start logging in, having a welcome video is a nice touch. They won’t have to wait for the screen to change to the event platform, and their experience begins from the moment they “step” into the venue. This is an excellent opportunity to get them excited for what’s coming and get more acclimated with your brand.
  • Branded lounges or rooms
    Once they get the welcome, sending them to branded lounges and rooms to meet other people makes sense. These rooms should stay open throughout your virtual event for people who want to network, are in between sessions, and more.
  • Using virtual event products
    Virtual event products like a mobile event app can put everything in one place. Attendees won’t have to go to different places to register or check in; they will be able to connect with other attendees or vendors and see any changes or additions in real-time. This can create an immersive experience where they can ask questions through the mobile event app during live sessions, provide feedback, and participate in virtual games.

BUT WAIT… there’s more!

  • Segment the audience
    You can create highly branded experiences with a segmented audience. When you place them into different groups based on interest, engagement is usually higher because their experience is personalized just for them.
  • Banner ads
    Take your branded lounges and rooms further with banner ads and logos. When including sponsors for your virtual event, their logo should be displayed alongside your brand. Repetition of your company’s and sponsors' logos across the event keeps your brand visibility high while providing brand recognition for the sponsors that helped along the way. 
  • Add a physical element
    One of the coolest things companies have started doing is adding prizes or lunches/dinners to the mix. Depending on the size of the event, this works well. Send them a coupon code to have a lunch or dinner delivered during the conference instead of having to fend for themselves throughout the day. This is a personalized touch that will be remembered.

Get assistance for your virtual event.

The right virtual event platform can elevate your venue and enhance your brand with the right tools. Whether you're planning a 2D environment experience or going with an immersive platform, the overall goal is to provide a memorable experience that keeps your event top of mind until the next time. Having the right team in place to help you figure it out while keeping your brand at the forefront is key. To request a virtual event platform demo, contact the team at 6Connex today.

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