8 Ways Reliable Tech Support Can Help You Have a Successful Virtual or Hybrid Event

Are you hosting an event on a virtual platform? Whether fully virtual or hybrid, you need a reliable tech support team.

Take a look at eight specific ways a reliable tech support team can help you pull off a virtual or hybrid event on your conference platform.


1. You Need Help Picking the Right Tools and Entertainment Venue

To pull off a digital event, you need to have the right tools.

A few factors to consider when looking for tools include:

    • How many people will be attending virtually? Do you have enough bandwidth?
    • Do you have the right virtual event security protocols in place to protect your audience and data?
    • Do you need tools that can automatically filter people into separate breakout rooms?
    • Do you have tools that enable file-sharing and cloud storage for easier access?

To choose the right virtual event provider, consider the specific needs of your organization. The right provider should be able to customize your tools to ensure you have enough bandwidth, protect your event with advanced security protocols (including two-factor authentication), and help you choose the virtual event integrations that will best suit your needs.


2. Make the Registration Process as Easy as Possible

How many people are coming to your event? To track this metric, you need to make the registration process as easy as possible, automating the process where you can. That way, you have an easier time tracking the number of people attending.

A few ways to make the event registration process easier include:

    • Offering multiple ways for people to sign up for the event
    • Funneling all of the registration responses into one place to make them easy to track
    • Providing automatic responses back to your attendees, confirming you have their registration information

At 6Connex, we have created knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to understand troubleshooting articles. We have more than 8,000 views from customers; with this information, you can learn more about how to automate the registration process. Using a tool that automatically takes contact information and puts it in a spreadsheet will help you track your attendance easily.


3. Set Up Virtual Stages for Speakers and Showcases

A reliable tech support team should help you set up virtual stages for your speakers.

To choose the best virtual stage, a few questions to ask include:

    • How many speakers will be presenting?
    • How can you highlight the unique features of the speaker's product or service?
    • Can your audience ask questions, share files, and mark key points during the session?
    • Will the sessions need to be recorded for on-demand viewing later?

The right virtual stage for one event might not be the right virtual stage for yours. Working with a tech support team can help you find the right virtual stage for your showcase or speaker.


6connex tech support keys to success with 24/7 support and solving problems


4. Manage Breakout Sessions from Your Event

Eventually, your attendees will need to break out into different groups. You need to have a tech support team that can help with running multiple sessions at the same time. That way, each attendee ends up in the right breakout session with the right people.

To ensure the success of your breakout session, a few tips to follow include:

    • Find a hosting service that is fast enough to quickly filter people into sessions without breaking up the stream.
    • Use an automated tool that can direct people into the right room without asking them to do this manually.
    • Use technology that can manage the transition smoothly without wasting time.

At 6Connex, we can help you manage your breakout session. We also have an exceptional YTD overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, indicating that our clients are happy with our work.


5. Allow Attendees to Chat and Network with Each Other

How are your attendees going to socialize with each other? A tech support team can allow your attendees to socialize and network with one another when the time is right.

A few ways to make it easier for your attendees to socialize and network with each other include:

    • Give attendees the option to show files and contact information.
    • Allow attendees to ask questions during the event, either of each other or the speaker.
    • Give your attendees the option to save their virtual chats for later.
    • Utilize AI Matchmaking to provide personalized recommendations for attendees to chat with their like-minded peers.
    • Let attendees mark certain companies and industries in which they work, allowing them to network easily.

If you make it easier for your attendees to network, they will be more satisfied when the event concludes. The right tech support team can help you change code, use tools, and expedite this process, prioritizing the social experience of your attendees. 


6. Create Virtual Green Rooms for Speakers To Prep

Prior to the session, speakers need to be given the opportunity to prepare. Virtual events need to include a green room meeting link where speakers will be placed in a virtual, private holding area. Then, make sure speakers have access to a countdown so they know exactly when they will be speaking to the larger audience. You also need to have a system that can prioritize questions posed by speakers prior to the session while giving speakers access to their files via the cloud. This makes it easier for them to prepare. A reliable tech support team can set up the screen room for you, keeping speakers comfortable and private while answering their questions prior to the main event.


6connex tech support keys to success with quick responses and troubleshooting articles


7. Handle Tech Issues with Speakers and Attendees

No matter how much you prepare, speakers and attendees can run into technology issues during the event.

A few common technical issues may include:

    • Someone may have a difficult time connecting to the event.
    • Speakers and attendees may have a link that is not working appropriately.
    • Some people may not be able to hear or see the other participants.
    • Speakers might have issues pulling up their files for the event.

This is where a strong tech support team can help you. At 6Connex, we can help find the perfect stage to meet your needs. We have a higher than average customer satisfaction score (CSAT), indicating that we meet the needs of our clients in a timely manner. We always run dry sessions before the event goes live, testing all audio and video equipment. By testing the sessions ahead of time, we can probe for issues, conduct detailed audits, and rectify problems before the session begins.


8. Provide Live Support

Finally, you also need live support before, during, and after the event. Your tech team should have a professional to address issues. This could include file access issues, unauthorized access, and problems with the connection. The right tech support team should have experience with virus, malware, and connection issues. That way, your tech team can address them without missing a beat. At 6Connex, we offer live event support. We respond to customer inquiries in under 10 minutes, and we are continually staffed with engineering professionals who are specialists in triaging  issues as they arise and providing guidance for your event. Over 95 percent of issues are solved by our frontline engineering team, reducing the time you need to wait for customer support in your virtual environment.

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If you want to get the most out of your virtual event platform, it would be our pleasure to help you. At 6Connex, we have a tremendous amount of experience helping people across all industries maximize the value of their virtual and hybrid events. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you! For more information on how you can get started, take advantage of our virtual event demo.

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