Must Have Elements in Your Virtual Environment

You can choose from so many different types of virtual environments, making any of them look as life-like as possible. But there are five elements you must have in your virtual environment to insure it’s a successful one.

There are so many different ways you can approach a virtual environment, from all of the visual elements to downloadable collateral. But there are certain elements you should include in your virtual environment in order for it to be successful. We’ve picked the top five elements you should include in your next virtual environment.


1. Showcase Great Content

No matter what you’re using your virtual environment for – a career fair, a summit, a training – you must show off great content. This content can be in the form of a presentation, a webinar, or even useful downloads such as recent company press releases or stock information.


2. Use Effective Storytelling in Any Presentation

If you’re planning on putting any sort of presentation in your virtual environment, utilize effective storytelling to get your message across. Storytelling is often used in marketing and can work very well to get a message across, and also speak to pain points to get qualified leads. With practice (before the event), you can perfect your storytelling capabilities to engage your audience and retain the information you’re presenting.


3. Provide Interactive Activities

Just as with an in-person event, you have to work to make sure people are finding ways to interact in a virtual environment. It’s easy for participants to get distracted and wander away from their devices, so you’ve got to keep them on-point! Using presentations, live video, live chat, and networking opportunities will keep participants engaged in your virtual environment.


4. Incorporate Social Media

If you used social media to promote your virtual event, you should continue to incorporate social media into your environment. Encourage participants to use the event hashtag to promote it while they’re participating. Depending on the virtual platform you choose to use, you’ll be able to integrate social media channels into the event so participants are further distracted.


5. Include Live Video Wherever Possible

If possible, do include live video into your virtual environment in some form. If you’re planning to have a webinar or presentation, go for a live one instead of pre-recorded (but use pre-recorded video over nothing at all). No matter the capacity, a live presenter is always more engaging than one that’s pre-recorded. Your virtual event team can assist you with any questions or hesitations you have about including live video.


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