National Associations Spread Awareness Through Virtual Event Solutions

An association’s ability to thrive is dependent on th

e community it creates. Any organization knows that advertising key events and providing members with supreme content, is worth its weight in gold. So wouldn’t it be great to be able to reach the most influential group of industry leaders and decision-makers and share important information with those members without having to invest an extraordinary amount of money in travel costs? Virtual Event solutions provide just that - an online destination for association members to connect with industry experts. In addition, they receive training while association executives spread awareness about their organization and gain potential sponsorships.

Virtual Environments are powerful tools for associations, not only because they save costs in travel and time, but because they offer a variety of highly interactive online learning options along with a plethora of networking capabilities. With 1:1 social interactions and small group chat rooms, as well as broader, public discussions, members have the opportunity to drill down into very specific subject matter. Additionally, social media applications can be embedded in any area of the virtual environment to promote further engagement.


Virtual Conferences Bridge the Gap Between a Physical and Virtual Event

Implementing a virtual conference provides an innovative way for associations to captivate their audiences. Associations utilize virtual conferences as a way to complement an association’s physical event, providing more ways for face-to-face attendees to view and share pertinent content. Attendees can easily view the messages of presenters, key-note speakers and exhibitors long after the live event closes and continue to view them as many times as they need to for the knowledge to sink in. With 6Connex’s 100% cloud-based flexible virtual platform, millennials and other-generational members can seamlessly view content using their smartphones or tablets from their office, field, or home desks.

See: 6Connex Case Study with the NACDD

It’s understandable that physical interactions are sometimes inevitable. However, the goal remains: to extend the reach and value of the entire event program. Virtual conferences are becoming more and more popular because they offer this unique and sleek compromise. Providing this virtual medium allows an association’s event to reach individuals who were unable to attend in person. Attendees can pursue booths and mingle with other participants to gain knowledge and awareness.


The Library is Open 24/7

Virtual Environments can serve as a repository for almost any type of content, including data sheets, white papers, subject-directed videos, product demonstrations, web links, and more. All this information is provided in real-time, on all attendee activity. This is critical for showing ROI and yet another benefit of a virtual solution.

Selecting a virtual event platform is essential to ensuring that your event runs without a hitch. You must complete the investigative work upfront to properly identify the virtual event platform provider best suited for your virtual event needs. Contact us at 6Connex today for more information on get started with your virtual event solution.  


 cta evaluate and choose a virtual event and environmental platform  

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