About the New and Improved Way to Do Virtual - 7 Amazing Virtual Venue Features and Inspirational Ideas

“The Way to Do Virtual” is our newly redesigned environment, where you can get first-hand experience of what the 6Connex digital platform can do for you. Join us on the 6Connex journey of possibilities to learn about the many different components we can deliver, and how you can incorporate the features we have to offer into your very own virtual and hybrid events.

In our new Way to Do Virtual, you can travel through our virtual airport, earn points as you find hidden passports, and complete various activities in each room. As you journey through the terminals, be sure to read our customer experiences. You have the capability of instantly requesting an in-depth demo from a 6Connex flight attendant by using our badge swipe feature. Built with you in mind, the new Way to Do Virtual environment has a gift shop, webinar theatre, VIP lounge, a greenhouse, and more! There’s no limit to what you can do with the amazing features available in our event platform online, so check out seven inspirational virtual environment ideas you can use as your own.

1. Exploring Use Cases

6connex way to do virtual terminal

There are so many ways in which you can leverage the 6Connex digital experience to drive meaningful audience engagement, such as:

    • Tradeshows and Conventions. From keynotes and breakout sessions to networking, you can create a variety of interactive rooms and booths to keep people connected; ultimately resulting in higher attendance and lower drop-off rates. Booths can be loaded with features that allow exhibitors and sponsors to share their brand and showcase their offerings in truly engaging ways.
    • Perpetual Virtual Office. If you think virtual office means Zoom meetings and video conferencing - think again! With 6Connex, you can offer a flexible, immersive, functional, and fun virtual environment to connect with your teams in a secure digital space. You can use this as a hub to run meetings, annual company kickoffs, sales kickoffs, employee training, webcasts, and more to bring your company departments together, regardless of timezones. 
    • Academia. Build a space where you can invite a global student body, along with their family and friends, to celebrate graduations, award ceremonies, and other academic achievements in a reliable and secure online environment.
    • Sales and Marketing. Nurture relationships and connect with your customers around the world with keynotes, breakout sessions, Q&A help, product demos, dynamic content, and more. 6Connex allows you to create personalized journeys for your audience by taking them one step close to your desired interaction.
    • HR, Benefits, and Job Fairs. Recruit talent from anywhere in the world with virtual job fairs in a virtual environment. You can also equip new hires with company information, policies, online courses, and more by utilizing your environment for a virtual benefits fair and HR.
    • Festive and Fun. Host holidays, parties, virtual fundraiser walks, music festivals, and more within the 6Connex virtual open environment online. There is no limit to what you can do in the virtual world to create exciting experiences to capture the attention of your audience.


2. Your 6Connex Passport

6connex way to do virtual passport stamp

Upon entering The Way to Do Virtual airport environment, you’ll find that you’ve been given your own personal passport in which you can complete activities in each individual room to obtain a passport stamp. Simply click on the button that says “Earn Your Passport Stamp” to begin. Each room will keep an up-to-date status on how close you are to completing the tasks and obtaining your stamp. From watching videos to browsing through a brochure, the more activities you complete, the more stamps you earn in your passport. Once you’ve completed the tasks and activities from each room, you will have successfully filled up your passport! When creating any virtual environment, you can add different ways to increase engagement and take your audience on an adventure.


3. The Greenhouse

6Connex way to do virtual virtual event sustainability Greenhouse

The events industry understands how important virtual events are for the environment, as sustainability benefits have been spoken about greatly. At 6Connex, we took a different approach to sustainability by not only just talking about the benefits, but by quantifying the impact through research and data. By partnering with a well-known organization, WSP, we’ve been able to identify and quantify the benefits of certain sustainability efforts that come from virtual events. WSP has helped gather real data in regards to CO2 emission savings from seven events we hosted, providing us with context to be able to support our sustainability mission and efforts towards the program. You can learn more about our mission and the 6Connex commitment to sustainability in our Greenhouse. You can also dive deeper into the quantitative data around sustainability, shown in our interactive sustainability report flipbook. If you have a mission or a strong stance on a subject, you can create rooms to showcase the importance of it to you and your company.


4. AI Matchmaking, Meeting Scheduling, and MyAgenda

6connex AI Matchmaking

Your virtual experience just became more personalized. With AI Matchmaking, you can maximize your interactions with other attendees just like you, based on your common similarities. Your matches are based on profile data from registration, as well as activity data. You also have the ability to chat and email from the matchmaking interface. The Way to Do Virtual gets even more personalized with Meeting Scheduling and MyAgenda, where you can add courses, webinars, one-on-ones, meetings, and more to your personal schedule. These functionalities allow you the option to plan your day in advance; thus, maximizing your interaction and use of time in the virtual conference environment. 


5. The Gift Shop

6connex hybrid and virtual event platform Photowall

The 6Connex Gift Shop showcases various partners and the many integrations we offer within our open universe platform. You can browse partnerships, featured environments, e-books, videos, other resources, Spotify playlists, 6Connex social wall, and best of all, the photobooth. Attendees can take selfies in the photobooth and share them in the gallery, for fellow attendees to see! No gift shop is complete without a souvenir section - so don’t forget to pick up some free souvenirs to take home. There’s no limit to what you can add to your very own gift shop.


6. Scavenger Hunt

6connex way to do virtual passport leaderboard

We’re bringing back one of your childhood favorites - except this time, there are incentives involved. It’s all about earning rewards points as you engage with the content in the 6Connex Way to Do Virtual. You can rack up rewards points by reviewing specific content specially earmarked for you. You can also earn rewards points by making your way around the virtual environment by engaging with videos, documents, and webinars. Additional points are rewarded when you find a hidden passport around the digital event platform. You can keep track of your points and the leaderboard by clicking on the “Rewards Points” button in the main lobby. Some of our fan favorite scavenger hunts end in even greater rewards, such as a new car, or a year of free pizza from your favorite pizza place! Either way, you can provide incentives to engage all across the board with rewards.


7. Webinar Theater

6connex way to do virtual webinar theater

In this space in the 6Connex virtual platform, you can view previous on-demand recordings, or you can tune in here to watch live webinars and interactive sessions. You can also view a board of notifications for future webinars and anything upcoming or scheduled to be live soon. When creating an environment of your own, this webinar theater is where you can provide all of the information for attendees to view live sessions and on-demand content.


Every 6Connex virtual venue and environment has a creative, ambition, dedicated, and fun team behind it - and your event is no different. In the same way that our amazing team built our new Way to Do Virtual, we can build a beautiful virtual environment for yours and your attendee needs.


Explore the Way to Do Virtual


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