Virtual Events

4 min read | June 7, 2018

Virtual Event Inspiration — Volume 1

Take a look at some of the latest: Small Business Conference The National Small Business Week first-ever virtual conference brings together thousands of small business... Read More
2 min read | May 30, 2018

How to Choose a Virtual Event Platform

Look at the Details Imagine choosing a hotel as a venue for hosting an on-site tradeshow or conference. You wouldn’t think of selecting a hotel without a site visit to... Read More
2 min read | May 9, 2018

Flash vs. HTML5 for Virtual Events

Before HTML5, Flash was needed for live streaming. For the past decade, installing a browser plug-in such as Flash was the only way to let rich audio and video content run... Read More
3 min read | February 13, 2018

Key Ways to Promote Your Virtual Event

Here are a few key strategies for promoting your virtual event online:  Optimize Search Engines Think of your target audience and the words they are searching online to... Read More
4 min read | February 7, 2018

Engaging Participants In Your Online Event

At this point, you’re feeling quite optimistic, with the only exception being getting the word out. After all, everyone is constantly inundated by online advertisements,... Read More
4 min read | January 8, 2018

Live Day is Coming Your Way!

But wait - Are you feeling confident that your live online event will go off without a glitch?  Is your team up to speed and clear with your objectives? Even in the best... Read More
2 min read | January 2, 2018

The New Year - A New Way To Connect

But resolutions are daunting and hard to maintain. Well, 6Connex has one that’s easy and all you need to get started is your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Its virtual... Read More
4 min read | December 4, 2017

Digital Dodo’s – Second Life

Digital Dodo – Second Life for Businesses Second Life was a once-hailed platform where businesses would conduct meeting and meet their stakeholders. Large blue-ship... Read More
5 min read | October 30, 2017

Online User vs. Live Attendee

There’s a lot of valuable time, effort and potential cost put into motion when it comes to creating a memorable event, whether it's a physical or a virtual one. With... Read More
1 min read | October 23, 2017

Replacing Physical Events with Virtual Events

Using webinars as part of a content marketing strategy is increasingly popular because they allow you to demonstrate thought leadership and interact with audiences to... Read More


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