What is the Shelf Life of Your Conference?

Did you know you can get even more out of your events? You can extend the shelf life of your event, or extend the life of your SKO by creating value for your audience beforehand and afterward, as well as reach more of your target audience, overcoming time restrictions and travel limitations.


Hybrid Event

Physical live events are limited by time and space. Adding a virtual element to your conference means eliminating these obstacles. 6Connex has the experience to take on large-scale virtual events with as many as tens of thousands of attendees for global organizations. When geography, venue size, and timing are not issues, a whole new world opens up. Participants that can access your hybrid event any time after your live event has finished. Removing the barriers for participation is a great way to increase the return on your event investment.

Your physical attendees can feel that they are part of something bigger, hearing things such as, “We have a question from Andrew Smith in Barcelona, who is participating live in the virtual part of our event.”


The 6Connex Approach to Conferencing

At 6Connex, we try to find new ways to increase the value of your conference for the attendees as well as for you as the organizer.

A Virtual Event Platform Can Help You with the Following:

    • Create ways for attendees to network before and after your conference
    • Expand your event’s timeframe by sending content both before and after the conference
    • Give attendees reasons to come again and again (for example, by creating opportunities to speak to subject matter experts every second Thursday for two months following the conference)
    • Provide paperless conferencing to help your attendees to more easily access information
    • Record keynote presentations to allow people to send them to colleagues
    • Analyze and use event data to improve your next conference and show future attendees the value of your conference

Get in touch with 6Connex to start planning your next event or, for more information on planning a virtual event, check out our free ebook by clicking the link below.

 E-Book: The Playbook to Planning Your Virtual Event

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