Why You Should Use Virtual Onboarding to Train Employees

As with everything in life, adaptation is necessary in order to flourish. Humanity has done pretty well applying this principle: we’ve created a multitude of tools and ideologies to keep us going—even through the most challenging of times. Some of them work better than others, and the tools that are tried and true are really what sustains us. To move forward and progress, however, we must perpetually find ways to evolve.


Virtual Onboarding Can Help Engage Millennials.

Technology allows us to change our game while inspiring future players. How we educate them is vital to the success of future business endeavors. A paperwork-and-classroom approach to learning is not the way to capture millennials’ attention; virtual onboarding environments helps you to engage this generation of employees and overcome a seemingly ever-shrinking attention span.


Virtual Onboarding Allows Customized Learning and Reduces Training Costs

Virtual onboarding environments allow business and training professionals to personalize content areas according to learner groups, departments, locations, or other criteria. With its highly flexible platform and 100% virtual environment, virtual onboarding can save companies thousands or even millions of dollars in training costs. When consider the potential savings, taking the leap is practically risk free.


Using Virtual Onboarding for Employee Training

    • Helps new hires assimilate into the corporate culture
    • Showcases the latest technology (a feather in anyone’s cap)
    • Decreases new hires’ time to proficiency because trainees because fun online tools inspire learning
    • Offers future opportunities for ongoing training and networking
    • Allows for a central repository to retrieve and modify content
    • Can provide more effective coaching and mentoring to new employees


Virtual Onboarding Makes Collaboration and Networking Easy

The virtual onboarding environment is ideal because it allows businesses to give their employees an enjoyable and highly beneficial user experience with a combination of flexible locations, live and interactive webcasts, engaging social networking, and other collaboration tools. Fostering brainstorming and expert-led discussions in this manner encourages learning. Training and social networking can be tailored to multigenerational and culturally diverse users.


Virtual Onboarding is Convenient for Employees

No longer do trainees—patient or otherwise—have to wait to get their questions answered. On a whim, a participant can seek and find expert virtual instruction and networking, and any learning hiccups can be resolved on the spot. Because virtual onboarding is fully integrated with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and enterprise social networking platforms, interactions are quick and friendly, appealing to the millennial audience. Best of all, there are no apps required. Virtual onboarding is a truly mobile experience with a scalable user interface.


Learning Management System

The virtual classroom and library are essential components of virtual onboarding environments, and LMS integration offers another layer to promote training success. 6Connex’s easily configurable learning environment can merge training content from existing LMS platforms and other enterprise content management systems. This allows the virtual environment and LMS to work as complementary systems, the LMS focusing on user profiles, course administration, completion tracking, and assessments, and the virtual environment driving a community learning experience through clear and concise instruction. Curricula and testing can also be tailored to accommodate any learning workflow and goal.



Gamification is another exciting aspect of virtual onboarding in modern training. After all, who doesn’t like playing games, especially online? Gamification can motivate users to learn through game boards and competition with peers. You can let learners earn points for successfully completing learning activities and use them to win rewards.


As you can see, there are many ways to make learning fun and interesting. The key is to ensure your training tools can help you achieve your business goals and promote individual growth. To learn more about virtual onboarding and how you can incorporate it into your business training model, contact 6Connex for a virtual event demo, or download our free e-book below!


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