4.0 Maintains Engagement and Creates Highly Participatory Virtual Educational Experience

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, there is an organization dedicated to investing in diverse education innovators to meet the equity challenges of families in their own communities across the country. 4.0 invests in new, community-centered models of education, and provides coaching, curriculum, community and cash to those with the imagination to create a more equitable education ecosystem. Their vision is a future where our education system meets the needs of every family and improves life outcomes for all. In a little over a decade, 4.0 has worked with more than 1,600 diverse leaders in 44 states, ultimately impacting more than nine million students across the U.S. 

The Challenge: Maintaining Engagement and Creating Highly Participatory Sessions Within the Essentials Fellowship Program

The Essentials Fellowship is the longest-running program at 4.0, and the first entry point into the intersection in education. This fellowship is a four-month virtual program that takes attendees from the idea phases to creating an initial concept of their ideas. By the end of the fellowship, attendees run a small-scale pop-up experience for the families, educators, and students that they want to work with, which is the first step into testing and exploring their new ideas. The program and events in Essentials are designed for fellows with early-stage ideas, who don’t yet have organizations or programs. The primary purpose of Essentials is to provide a greater understanding of the education landscape so fellows can be positioned to grow into the ideas of education and eventually run their own educational programs.

To host the curriculum events and experiences, 4.0 has worked within the virtual space prior to leveraging 6Connex, dabbling in different virtual elements such as webinars and virtual panels. However, they knew there was more to a virtual experience than a live stream here and a live stream there. 

Fellows and educators associated with 4.0 are very hands-on, as they’re education professionals who love to engage with one another and engulf themselves in meaningful discussions that can impact the world. The decision-makers at 4.0 had to figure out where engagement and discussions could live together in a virtual environment, and how to get maximum participation from attendees on a daily basis.

Leaders in the organization desired:

  • A powerful experience
  • Quality engagement tools
  • Maximum attendee participation
  • The ability for fellows to interact with one another
  • Accessibility

Click below to download the full case study and learn more about how 6Connex helped 4.0 create a visually captivating and highly engaging custom virtual venue for their community.

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