Destinos finds great success with virtual events, continuing to give their customers exactly what they need to strive in today’s landscape

Case Study: Destinos

Formerly known as Grupo Destinos, Destinos is a leader and pioneer in corporate events, providing meeting planning services in Mexico for more than 35 years. They develop ideas and production strategies for events, dedicating their services to the event logistics, marketing, transportation, equipment, reservations, and registrations for their clients with their network of suppliers.

The Challenge: Shifting from Semi-Virtual to Fully Virtual

Organizing more than 4,000 events a year, 10 international congresses, 30 national congresses, and 250 foreign events, Destinos is the official agency for associations and congress organizers in Mexico. While they’ve made use of virtual components in the past, such as streaming services and webinars, the COVID-19 pandemic put some important aspects of their in-person events to a halt.

Aside from their desire to shift to virtual and begin building a digital portfolio, Destinos needed to find a way to fill in the gaps of some of the physical event services that were suspended and brought to a standstill during this time. When the pandemic first hit, members of their congress were discussing the idea of different virtual event platforms they could use as an alternative solution to in-person events; and that’s where 6Connex was proposed.

Shifting their expos, exhibits, and congresses to fully virtual was a challenge, but one that was necessary to overcome in the state of the environment.

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