FMC continues to innovate, connecting 1,600+ dental professionals in an immersive virtual environment

Case Study: FMC

FMC, based 10 miles north of London, UK, has been connecting dentistry for more than 25 years as one of the world’s major dental communications companies. FMC successfully connects the dental community and industry through a myriad of powerful channels encompassing online, print, webinars, events, social media, conferences, and awards.

The Challenge in Today’s Landscape

With a mission to help thousands of dental professionals earn their enhanced CPD certifications, educational events have been a great focus of FMC’s for decades; however, the coronavirus pandemic has caused some unexpected shifts in their organization. With the entire world shutting down and not being able to deliver in-person events, FMC began to worry about its community, the education, and the credits that their delegates need – and they had to act fast.

With being so used to print media and traditional ways of marketing and organizing conferences, event organizers had to adapt with the rest of the world in order to continue their communication with their respective communities. It’s imperative that they find a technology that allows them to continue putting on events while keeping people safe during this unprecedented time. They began searching for ways to host a conference during COVID, where they would eventually find a virtual event platform. Solutions exist, and the idea of putting on successful online events was not too far out of reach.

FMC was determined to continue putting on dental awards shows and offer their enhanced CPD learning and educational courses, so they began testing out different platforms for virtual events. They opted in for virtual event demos from different vendors around the world who offer alternative solutions to in-person events. Unfortunately, they seemed to run into more challenges than solutions when trying to create the best digital experience for their attendees; until they found 6Connex.

The FMC team needed to identify the right event software partner to guide them through online event planning and execution, and 6Connex effortlessly checked all the boxes.

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