Reconnecting Careers in Crisis:’s Virtual Job Fair with 6Connex Mobilizes Employment

About stands as Turkey’s premier online job board, boasting an impressive legacy of over two decades in the recruitment industry. With a staggering database of over 30 million resumes, they have consistently been the go-to platform for both job seekers and employers.

For each event they host, employs a comprehensive outreach strategy, touching an average target audience of 2 million people. This outreach spans across various channels, including messages, push notifications, social media, SMS, email, and paid channels like Google and Yandex. The results speak for themselves: on average, they receive around 10,000 applications for each event, with a remarkable 30 to 40 percent of these applicants actively participating in the event.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their monthly organization of two virtual career fairs, each attended by over 2,000 unique visitors and lasting approximately 6 hours. Beyond just being a job portal, has positioned itself as a holistic solution provider, bridging the gap between potential candidates and employers across various platforms.

Why 6Connex?’s commitment to innovation and providing unparalleled service to its users made 6Connex a natural choice as a technology partner. Here’s why:

Virtual Environment: The global shift towards digitalization meant that job fairs and recruitment events needed to evolve. 6Connex’s virtual platform allowed to host large-scale events without the logistical challenges of a physical venue.

Accessibility: With 6Connex, geographical barriers were eliminated. Job seekers from all over Turkey, and even internationally, could access the platform, broadening the talent pool for employers.

Customization: 6Connex offered the flexibility to tailor their events. Whether it was branding, booth setups, or interactive features, could create unique experiences for their users.

Data Analytics: One of the standout features of 6Connex is its robust analytics. could gain insights into user behavior, booth visits, and overall event performance, allowing them to continually refine their approach.

Reliability: In the fast-paced world of recruitment, reliability is key. 6Connex’s platform is known for its stability, ensuring that events run smoothly without technical glitches.

Sustainability: In an age where sustainability is paramount, virtual events reduce the carbon footprint. By choosing 6Connex, showcased its commitment to environmental responsibility.

“The 6Connex platform is user-friendly for both our customers and candidates. Our clients appreciate its simplicity and ease of use.”

The Challenge:

The devastating earthquakes in Turkey not only shattered infrastructures but also disrupted the livelihoods of countless individuals. With the sudden surge in unemployment and the pressing need for stability, the nation faced an unprecedented employment crisis., being at the forefront of the recruitment industry in Turkey, felt a deep responsibility to address this urgent situation.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, aimed to swiftly mobilize a large-scale employment initiative. Their vision was to create a bridge between the affected job seekers and potential employers, ensuring that opportunities were not lost amidst the chaos. However, several challenges lay ahead:

Scale and Reach: The aftermath of the earthquake saw a sudden spike in job seekers. needed a platform that could handle this influx and ensure that everyone, regardless of their location, had equal access to opportunities.

Time Sensitivity: With each passing day, the affected individuals faced mounting challenges. The platform had to be set up quickly, ensuring immediate relief to those in need.

Diverse Audience: The affected individuals spanned various industries, skill sets, and experience levels. The challenge was to cater to this diverse audience, ensuring that there were opportunities for everyone, from entry-level candidates to experienced professionals.

Engagement and Interaction: Merely listing job opportunities wouldn’t suffice. There was a need for a platform where candidates could interact with potential employers, attend interviews, and gain insights into the roles on offer.

Emotional Consideration: The trauma of the earthquake meant that many were emotionally vulnerable. wanted to ensure that the platform was not just transactional but also empathetic, offering support and guidance to the affected individuals.

Technical Reliability: Given the high stakes, there was no room for technical glitches. The platform had to be robust, reliable, and capable of handling large traffic without any hiccups.

“From the start of our first online fair with 6Connex, over two years, companies that joined our fairs have seen an average 50% increase in application rates.”

The timeline was incredibly tight. In just two weeks, managed to reach out to nearly 100 companies, all of which agreed to participate in the event. This rapid mobilization was crucial to address the immediate needs of the affected job seekers.

To ensure maximum participation, candidates were informed about the event through messages and push notifications inviting them to the online platform. The ability to organize and execute such a large-scale event in such a short time frame showcased’s commitment and the adaptability of their approach.

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The Solution: chose the 6Connex platform to host their Earthquake Employment Mobilization Fair. The virtual nature of the platform allowed candidates and companies to connect regardless of their geographical location.

This inclusivity meant that job seekers could interact with companies even if they were miles apart, breaking the barriers of traditional job fairs. The self-service nature of the platform also allowed to shape the event in-house, tailoring it to their specific needs and ensuring a unique experience for all participants.

Promotion and Outreach:’s extensive reach played a pivotal role in the success of the fair. With a robust database of nearly 30 million resumes, they were able to target potential participants based on various demographic conditions. Through a multi-channel approach, they reached out to candidates via messages, push notifications, emails, and more.

Leveraging the power of social media, adopted a creative strategy to promote the event. With an in-house creative director, they crafted engaging content that resonated with their audience. This strategic and creative approach to promotion ensured that their virtual job fairs consistently saw higher participation rates compared to other job fairs.

The Results:

The Earthquake Employment Mobilization Fair was a resounding success:

  • 99 Booths were set up.
  • A staggering 17,529 registrants showed interest.
  • 6,885 unique attendees participated.
  • A peak of 1,634 concurrent users was observed.
  • A total of 131,824 booth entries were recorded.
  • 34.519 total clicks and applications
  • More than 30 people were hired in different companies.

The simplicity of the fair ensured that candidates could easily navigate through company booths, view logos, and directly apply for jobs. The event not only provided immediate employment opportunities but also showcased’s commitment to supporting its community in times of crisis.


The Earthquake Employment Mobilization Fair stands as a testament to’s dedication to its community and the power of virtual platforms like 6Connex to bring about meaningful change.

The success of this event underscores the potential of virtual career fairs in reaching a wide audience, providing accessibility, and fostering connections. For potential clients or companies looking to host similar events,’s case study serves as a beacon of inspiration and a blueprint for success.

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