6Connex Helps PROIDEA Bring 1200+ International Cybersecurity Professionals Together for Annual CONFidence Conference

Founded in 2004, PROIDEA is an event management company that specializes in organizing exhibitions and conferences in the IT and technology sectors. For the last two decades, PROIDEA has successfully designed and produced everything from event web application design and development... to branding, promotions, and media... to event attractions and afterparties for some of the world’s most well-renowned organizations.

The Challenge

Since 2005, PROIDEA has organized the CONFidence event, attracting international cybersecurity professionals including infosec specialists, managers, and government and finance representatives to Europe for two days of deep-dive technical knowledge, networking, open skill-sharing, and entertainment.

Given the long history of the event and its reputation for enticing agendas that feature groundbreaking thought leaders and best-in-class partner organizations, CONFidence has built a large community, and conference attendance typically exceeds 1,000 participants.

From 2015 to 2022, PROIDEA leveraged Eventory by 6Connex to manage the in-person event, with a pivot to a virtual format during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite achieving success with a virtual format, however, event organizers believed in-person networking was one of the conference’s most valuable attractions and were therefore anxious to revive this feature and return to an in-person setting in 2022. But the decision to return to an in-person setting wasn’t without concerns. Having normalized the virtual experience, many event stakeholders worried that in-person attendance and partner sponsorships would be substantially less. Furthermore, given the volatility of the COVID-19 virus, there was also speculation attendees would forego committing to attend in-person out of an abundance of caution.

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