SonicWall’s Sales Kick-Off Takes a Virtual Leap with 6Connex

Case Study: SonicWall

SonicWALL Inc. manufactures network security and data protection products. The company designs and develops firewall, enterprise-class, secure wireless, cloud security, and performance appliances.


The Challenge

SonicWall, a global cyber security company, needed a more efficient way to host their Sales Kick-Off (SKO) event. The event had to be easily accessible to a global team and highly engaging, but without the extraordinary expense of an in-person event. SonicWall turned to the 6Connex virtual environment platform for a cost-effective solution to conduct their product training quickly and easily, while generating the same excitement as a physical event.


The Solution

Using 6Connex’s innovative and highly-configurable platform, SonicWall took their latest SKO virtual, featuring live webcasts, Q&A “Hot Topic” sessions, and a robust library of resources throughout the exhibit hall. The virtual environment also included an executive lounge, where the product and leadership teams were readily available to field questions directly from the sales team and a video wall provided direct access to key content.

SonicWall encouraged collaboration by requiring their global sales force to participate in the live sessions, ensuring all reps were connected to the content and to each other.


The Results

4,000+ Webinar views
15,000+ Content item views
7,000+ Visits to the product booths
6+ hours Average viewer attendance time
80% Savings compared to a physical event

SonicWall’s sales force was able to log into the virtual SKO from their home offices using desktops, tablets, or smartphones to view content, connect with peers, and receive the latest security solution updates from the product management team. SonicWall was able to record the training content for valuable re-use for both new employee training and channel partners.

While some of the sales force preferred to connect face-to-face and were therefore hesitant to participate in a virtual SKO, they were pleased to discover the virtual experience allowed for exceptional interactivity, responsive discussions, and fluid communication.

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