AAMC’s Virtual Medical School Fair Reaches New Audiences with 6Connex

Case Study: AAMC

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) serves and leads the academic medicine community to improve the health of all. Founded in 1876 and based in Washington, D.C., the AAMC is a not-for-profit association dedicated to transforming health care through medical education, patient care, medical research, and community collaborations.


The Challenge: Connecting to a New Generation with 6Connex

As more millennials and Gen Z students aspiring to be doctors are entering the medical school application process, the AAMC—a nonprofit with a mission to improve the healthcare of all through medical education, patient care, and medical research—sought additional ways to connect their member medical schools with a new generation of prospective medical students. In an effort to forge these connections without asking students and exhibitors to incur travel costs, the AAMC turned to 6Connex to create an innovative and engaging virtual medical school fair. Key features important to the AAMC included accessibility from all mobile devices, private and group chat options, and in-depth metrics on all aspects of the event program.


The Solution

Hosting the AAMC medical school fair virtually provided medical schools with access to a much broader, more diverse population, as prospective students who could not travel to multiple schools nor take time off of work could attend.  In addition, the virtual fair featured an equally diverse range of participating schools, with several medical degree-granting schools from the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada in attendance. The 6Connex platform enabled each school to have its own virtual booth, where the school could share the same information and content available at a traditional fair, such as resources on the application process, details about the school and curriculum, and videos from current and past students. Unique platform features made connecting easy and comfortable for students, while real-time metrics made calculating the event ROI easier. 


One of the key advantages of the virtual event was the opportunity for students to engage in private chat conversations with school representatives. Without the possibility of other attendees overhearing, students could freely ask personal questions on a range of subjects, from financial aid and credit ratings to MCAT scores. 

Ease of Access

The AAMC wanted to level the playing field to ensure travel wasn’t an obstacle to attending the event. By using a virtual environment, the AAMC was able to eliminate the time and expense of travel and meet students where they’re comfortable: on their smartphones and tablets. 


With in-depth, real-time metrics, the AAMC was able to see vital event data both during and immediately following the event, and they could easily share the results with their internal teams and member schools. The AAMC team noted the data from 6Connex was much more robust and user-friendly than what they had before, and it was easy to access. They were also able to view the chat transcripts and identify commonly asked questions, allowing them to educate participating schools on the type of information and resources students are seeking.


The Results

The 2018 virtual fair marked the AAMC’s second time working with 6Connex. While the first event was considered a success, the second event yielded even greater results over an eight-hour duration:

Webinar Views 
135 Minutes
Average Time Spent at the Virtual Fair 
Resources Downloaded by Attendees 
 52 Countries
Audience Reach 

The 6Connex Virtual Environment Provided the AAMC with Many Benefits:

    • The AAMC had the flexibility to change the “event look” from the pilot year to the second year, adapting the visuals to invoke a more “real-life campus” feel.
    • The 6Connex virtual event enabled the AAMC to reach and connect with a broader range of students, who could participate via smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
    • The AAMC gained immediate, self-service access to detailed metrics and reports, fostering real-time analysis and post-event learning.
    • The 6Connex team demonstrated strong technical expertise and support, allowing the AAMC to deliver the live event smoothly, without unexpected setbacks.
    • The virtual environment included both public and private chats, giving students the opportunity to speak privately with schools and ask personal questions.
    • The 6Connex virtual environment provided robust registration capabilities and enhanced opportunities to offer students special attendee discounts on a subscription to the Medical School Admission Requirements™ (MSAR®) website.

With 6Connex’s mobile-friendly and configurable virtual event platform, the AAMC was able to successfully connect with a wide ranges of students at their virtual medical school fair.


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