How Voelkel ITK and 6Connex Revolutionized the German Virtual Events Industry

Case Study: Voelkel ITK

Voelkel ITK, a German B2B communication consultant company, has been building relationships with strong brands in the German B2B market since 2012.


The Challenge

Voelkel ITK is a German company that advises larger organizations on how to effectively use online tools to communicate better, and at one point the company resold a local German virtual events platform as part of their services. When Voelkel ITK contacted 6Connex, they were looking to re-launch their virtual events offer and expressed interest in a partnership. Both Voelkel ITK and 6Connex wanted to have a solid product available for the German market, and each company was prepared to invest resources to launch a state-of-the-art virtual events platform to meet local market needs.


The Solution

In partnering with 6Connex, Voelkel ITK set out to re-establish its leadership position in the German virtual events market. To kick-off the re-launch, Voelkel ITK created a virtual event to showcase the vast benefits available in the new platform, and the team invited sponsors to participate. The goal of this initial event was to showcase Voelkel ITK’s innovation in the virtual events space and create a strong pipeline of leads. This goal was easily met, as attendees worldwide were quickly intrigued by the virtual event platform’s instant access to live presentations, webinars, training rooms, and social media / networking tools from the convenience of their desktops, tablets, or smartphones.


The Results

The inaugural event was a success and lead generation kicked in immediately following.  In addition, Voelkel ITK’s client satisfaction reached an all-time high.  The ability to effectively communicate product information, training, and education virtually proved immeasurable to business, and within six months of launching the new virtual events platform, the majority of Voelkel ITK’s clients extended their contracts for a new 12-month period.

“Working with 6Connex, we have been able to listen to the local market and become a strong voice in the German virtual events industry. 6Connex has proven to be a partner that not only delivers the platform, but also assists us on the business side of our partnership to make sure that Voelkel ITK are a competitive player in Germany.” - Jürgen Voelkel, CEO Voelkel ITK

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