How Sustainability is Shaping the Future of Events: A Guide for Planet Conscious Event Professionals


The event industry is growing, and so are the concerns about sustainability management, resource sharing, and over-exploitation. As event professionals, we have a responsibility to make our events sustainable to minimize negative impacts on the environment while still providing valuable experiences to attendees. This is why we've created this guide to help you understand the importance of sustainability in event planning and how it can shape the future of events.

Hear from  industry experts and thought leaders who are revolutionizing the way events are planned, managed, and executed, featuring:


Marley Finnegan, Founder of PURPOSE Sustainability Strategy

Michele Fox, Founder of MUSE (Members United for Sustainable Events)

Mercedes M. Hunt, Ph.D., Director of Energy and Sustainability, Marriott International   

Joanna Kaplon, Head of Product, Eventory by 6Connex

Eduardo Lebre, Founder of Circular Unity

Shawna McKinley, Principal at Clear Current Consulting


Gain Expert Insights

Delve into interviews with industry professionals who reveal their perspectives on ESG best practices in event planning.


Implement Sustainable Practices

Our ebook equips you with practical tips and strategies for promoting sustainability, from measuring your baseline emissions to partnering with eco-conscious vendors and suppliers.


Boost your Success

Embracing sustainable practices not only reduces waste and cuts costs but also amplifies your brand's reputation, enabling you to drive more leads, retain customers, and increase event ROI.