Virtual Event Tip Sheet: Floorplans and Choosing Your Rooms & Spaces

Tips on Choosing Rooms and Spaces for Your Virtual Environment

Follow these do’s and don’ts to stay focused on success within your virtual event. Whether you’re hosting a virtual trade show, creating a virtual academy, or planning a virtual recruitment center, your virtual “floor plan” should make it both easy and intuitive for attendees to find what they need, while also supporting your program goals.

  1. Don’t take the room metaphor literally; it should be a guide, not a crutch.
  2. Don’t overthink it; while the architecture of your virtual space is very important, it’s your content and messaging that will ultimately drive success.
  3. Do create only the number of rooms you need; too many rooms can result in too many clicks to reach the right content.
  4. Do make sure every room has a clear purpose; know what you want attendees to accomplish or find in that specific space.
  5. Do give your rooms specific names to help guide the attendees; Solution Center, Main Stage, Breakout Sessions, Expert’s Lounge.
  6. Do add unique rooms that support your unique program; Recognition Room, Video Gallery, Sponsor Stage.

Bonus Tip 

Leverage entitlement to create a unique experience for specific attendee groups, such as a Press Briefing Lounge or a Manager’s Classroom.


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