Attendance, Budgets, Carbon: Are You Prepared for the New ABCs of Measuring Event ROI?


It’s no secret that the demands facing meeting and event professionals have evolved—and expanded—over the past couple of years.

What has been less well-studied, though, is how these rapidly evolving trends have shaped

what, when, and how event pros measure to benchmark success for their internal and external shareholders -- until now.

In this in-depth, insightful white paper, you'll get to dive deeper into a 360-degree view of today’s event professionals:

  • Their jobs and responsibilities
  • Their challenges
  • Strategies and tools they use to collect and analyze event- and attendee-related data

That being said, virtual event technology is critical, even as live events return.

The gold standard for data benchmarking was, and remains, return on investment: What did your organization put into the event, and to what extent did those resources pay for themselves, boost the bottom line—or come up short?

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