6Connex Training Offering

6Connex offers our clients multiple NO-COST training formats with unlimited access during the term of your contract. This allows your company continual training options for members of your organization. Select from any of the training options to the right that suit your individual learning needs and schedule. Training with 6Connex provides you the client with a solid foundation to build your Virtual Venue along with access to many advanced training aids to support individual build specific enhancements. We are continually updating our training models and materials and welcome you to visit our resources regularly during your contract term with 6Connex.

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Become a 6Connex Certified Partner

The 6Connex Partner Certification Program offers detailed and practical step-by-step content, key items to consider, and exclusive insights to ensure you can successfully plan and execute your virtual or hybrid events.


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Training Options

On-Demand Virtual Venue Build Classes
These on-demand format training options provide access to streaming online learning of the
6Connex core session knowledge-based content at your individual pace in real-time,
anywhere, and at anytime.

Web-Based Training
6Connex web-based provides you cloud-based learning sessions, module certification, tools
for virtual venue access, virtual administration tactics, delivery, and analytics.

New Product / Feature Training
Stay up to date with the latest 6Connex Products and Feature release upgrades for continual
improvement of your event offerings to launch, rise, and soar above your competition!

Live Webinars (Community-Based Training)
The live webinar offerings at 6Connex are interactive community-based learning (multi-client format) content and strategy training that occurs in real-time for a live instructor-led
audience. Topics covered to expand the client’s 6Connex platform knowledge, virtual venue
capability, and drive in-depth content engagement.