6Connex Enables Powerful and Flexible Gamification with New Leaderboard

Pleasanton, CA—June 23, 2015—6Connex, Inc., the leader in virtual solutions, today released version 7.9 of the Virtual Destination platform. A key component of the release is increased power and flexibility in the Leaderboard module, providing virtual event producers new options for gamification within their programs.
The 6Connex Leaderboard uses gamification – game thinking and mechanics – to drive higher attendee engagement. A simple yet comprehensive dashboard lets event producers configure each “game” by assigning point values to the content, locations and activities they deem most valuable for their live or on-demand program.

Powerful Yet Flexible Gamification

While points can be assigned for many different activities, like content views, booth visits, and chat conversations, the real power comes in the ability to define a unique point value for every single item in the entire virtual experience, giving event producers unprecedented control and flexibility.

The Leaderboard module also includes a dynamic view of the top point earners and a customizable tab for displaying rewards and prizes. Finally, the module allows for multiple time-bound games, enabling new opportunities for engagement throughout the life of a virtual event program.

“The use cases for Leaderboard are almost endless,” said Lisa Farrell, CMO. “I’m very excited to work with our customers to help them leverage this powerful tool for exciting and interactive virtual events.”

About 6Connex, Inc.

6Connex has been a leader in the virtual environment space since 2009, powering virtual destinations for career fairs, corporate universities, product launches, onboarding, user conferences and other applications – all while enabling connections that drive measurable ROI against defined business objectives. 6Connex’ 100-percent SaaS virtual destination platform is easy to use and deploy for companies large and small. More than 100 organizations rely on 6Connex, including Intuit, GE, Danaher, Perkin Elmer, Ericsson, UCSF, Abbott Labs, CDC, Childhelp, and the US Office of Personnel Management. The company is based in Pleasanton, CA, with offices in London and Shanghai. For more information, visit www.6connex.com.

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