6Connex Announces Industry-Leading Accessibility Features for Virtual Events

Pleasanton, CA / April 17, 2018 – As the only vendor dedicated to innovation in online events, 6Connex today announced new functionality that enables a 508-compliant version of any virtual event or virtual environment.  With one-click in the platform control panel, online event producers can provide their attendees with an accessibility page that includes relevant event content and materials.


The new platform functionality presents a straightforward menu with links and titles that are recognized by assistive technologies like screen readers, which allow blind and visually impaired users to read the on-screen content.  Almost all content within a virtual event can be included on the accessibility page, such as keynote webcast sessions, sponsor or partner booths and associated documents and resources.


For virtual events where accessibility is a primary goal, event producers will be guided by the 6Connex customer success team to determine how to best design an online event experience that meets the needs of all attendees.


“This level of flexibility, built into the platform, is a first for virtual events and environment providers,” says 6Connex CEO.  “We think this is an important investment in the software, and we are pleased to support our clients in producing 508-compliant events.”


About 6Connex Virtual Event Platform Provider

6Connex is a global software and services provider for enterprise online events. Our cloud-based product portfolio includes virtual environments, learning management and webinars. Designed for marketing, sales, recruitment, training and HR communications, we transform big ideas into real-world results. Lead by the most innovative and experienced leaders in online events, the 6Connex platform was built to be the most configurable, secure and reliable product on the market. Our seasoned project managers, who have experience working with companies across all industries, provide hands-on support and strategic guidance. 6Connex has helped many leading brands increase the effectiveness of their online programs by driving revenue growth, saving money and increased employee productivity. Our customers include Salesforce, Blackrock, GE, CDC, Ericsson, CA Technologies and Intuit. For more information, visit www.6connex.com.


Originally published on PR Web on April 17, 2018.

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