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Our Innovative Event Platform Includes:

  • Enterprise Level Security for all events, complete with configurable settings and robust security and data protection features. 
  • Perpetual Virtual Environments flexible enough to handle various use cases so customers can leverage a single license to support multiple engagements. 
  • Immersive Experience Features like intuitive navigation and environment designs that engage attendees to deliver a next-level virtual experience. 
  • Advanced IT Flexibility with a technology-agnostic Open VE Universe, clients can seamlessly integrate their existing technologies into the 6Connex platform. 
Virtual event Hybrid on Tablet

The Global Leader in Virtual Events

We build configurable cloud-based environments on our secure virtual platform so you can expand audience reach and drive interactive engagement for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and more. 

Wave goodbye to one-sided webinars and generic remote presentations. Engage and delight customers, prospects, and employees with a fully immersive, multi-environment event experience. Attendees can toggle between displays, browse content, and engage with other users in virtual event spaces designed to mirror in-person interactions.

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