6Connex Virtual Venues: A New Era of Engagement

Great virtual experiences start with better engagement tools. Leverage state-of-the-art engagement tools to keep your virtual event attendees immersed and focused, both on and offline. In this video, we’ll be talking about how we bring your audience together through virtual event venues specifically designed with your customer’s journey in mind.



Our Virtual and Hybrid Event Engagement Tools Include:

    • 6Connex Event AI
    • Live webcasts
    • Chat options
    • Surveys
    • Feature booths for your sponsors
    • Open universe for tool integrations
    • Limitless content sharing opportunities
    • Gamification Our environments offer unique and personalized engagement
    • & we make it fun!

You can also track your virtual and hybrid event engagement with our tracking tools. Enjoy the video above to learn more about us here at 6Connex, the global leader of virtual venues.

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