Exploratist Identifies and Leverages Innovative Solutions to Help Maintain Strong Connections Between Employees and Employers

Case Study: Exploratist

Established in 2011, Exploratist is the first employee experience agency in Romania. Exploratist offers a wide range of services in organizational needs, such as internal communication, employer branding, experiential marketing, HR strategies, and more. The solutions offered are not only innovative, but they’re 100% customized based on clients needs.


The Challenge: Maintaining Connection with Employees During Trying Times

The majority of the Exploratist client portfolio includes multinational corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees spread throughout Romania, and sometimes abroad, in which typical employee experiences happened live. However, since the dawn of COVID-19, social distancing mandates made it increasingly difficult to inform and engage with employees. Managers knew it was crucial to maintain positive employee morale, so they needed to find a way to keep people connected, and remind them that they are an important part of the organization.

Exploratist was familiar with the possibility of incorporating a virtual element into their conference plans, but due to the specifics of the Romanian culture where physical togetherness is key, they had initial concerns:

    • How can we mimic the in-person event to make everyone feel comfortable?
    • Will the virtual environment look and feel like their organization?
    • What if the platform freezes during live streaming?
    • How can we get all clients and their employees to participate and interact with the environment?
    • How will we drive engagement?


The Solution: Reinventing the Strategy to Cater to the Needs of Clients

The Exploratist employee experience agency needed to reinvent themselves to cater to their clients, and they did so by choosing to add virtual corporate events into their business strategy. After March 2020, Exploratist performed their research on companies within the virtual events industry, looking for a viable and professional platform ready to offer an integrated pack of tools to migrate their events to a fully digital format. Since many of the clients working with Exploratist were not familiar with this type of product and its technical implications, they wanted to make sure that the platform they acquired was able to support a variety of requests, while offering the reliability and comfort that their clients need.

6Connex was the outcome of a due diligence process as part of their aim to identify an event platform that is not only secure and reliable, but also has a high degree of custom-made graphics. Corina Ilie, Senior Partner of Product Design and Innovation at Exploratist states, “Compared to other solutions, 6Connex is clearly a stable and secure platform. Regardless of whether we hold virtual events with 500, 1,000 or 3,000 participants in organizations with different IT security procedures (either in Romania or abroad), 6Connex provided us, and the people who attended the event, with a seamless and smooth experience.” Ilie continues, “In addition to stability and security, the expertise and the feedback we received about the platform, both from the technical point of view as well as the real interest to meet our needs and offer a valuable user experience, favored a positive decision to start a partnership with 6Connex.”


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