Sustainability Webinar: Shaping A Greener Future with 6Connex

Shaping a Greener Future: Reducing Carbon Footprint with Virtual Events

Join us as we dive into our sustainability report, methodology and ultimate impact of offsetting carbon emissions by hosting events on the 6Connex platform. We all know going virtual has a positive impact when it comes to the environment. But just how much carbon are you offsetting with virtual events and what does that mean for your community?

This video is a recording of a live webinar where 6Connex Chief Marketing Officer, Luiz Martins shares his story of growing up in the Amazon and why 6Connex is committed to championing sustainability front and center. You'll also have the opportunity to dive into a study we've commissioned with renowned global engineering firm, WSP, to uncover the true carbon emissions avoided from 7 events hosted in our platform - analyzing virtual vs. in-person events.


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