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See how our immersive virtual events drive engagement and deliver measurable results. Transform company events into interactive media experiences with our fully configurable virtual environments.

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6Connex is the global leader in virtual events. We build configurable cloud-based environments on our secure virtual platform so you can expand audience reach and drive interactive engagement for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and more. 

Wave goodbye to one-sided webinars and generic remote presentations. Engage and delight customers, prospects, and employees with a fully immersive, multi-environment event experience. Attendees can toggle between displays, browse content, and engage with other users in virtual event spaces designed to mirror in-person interactions.

Our Innovative Event Platform Includes:

    • Enterprise Level Security for all events, complete with configurable settings and robust security and data protection features. 
    • Perpetual Virtual Environments flexible enough to handle various use cases so customers can leverage a single license to support multiple engagements. 
    • Immersive Experience Features like intuitive navigation and environment designs that engage attendees to deliver a next-level virtual experience. 
    • Advanced IT Flexibility with a technology-agnostic Open VE Universe, clients can seamlessly integrate their existing technologies into the 6Connex platform. 
It was easy to work with 6Connex. The platform can be customized in so many different ways that it can be overwhelming, especially for teams that are new to virtual events, but the 6Connex team was able to break it down into ‘bite sizes.’ They were business savvy and understood our needs. We would suggest something we wanted to accomplish, and they made that ‘something’ even better. The teamwork and dedication to us as a customer was incredible. We were ready to deploy a week before the event, and we felt the work to set this up was much easier than we anticipated.”

Gina Hanrahan Director, North America Benefits