6Connex Event Apps for In-Person and Hybrid Experiences

Easily manage, attend, and track real-time event data using our three intuitive mobile event apps: Eventory for audiences, Eventory Operator as an event management system for organizers, and Eventory scanner for exhibitors and booth staff. It’s the winning trifecta for event technology and event planning: you can oversee your event on the run, your attendees can participate and engage in the event, and your sponsors can find and scan leads, whether it’s an in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.

Our virtual and hybrid event engagement tools include:

  • 6Connex Event AI
  • Live webcasts
  • Chat options
  • Surveys
  • Feature booths for your sponsors
  • Open universe for tool integrations
  • Limitless content-sharing opportunities
  • Gamification

Our environments offer unique and personalized engagement - and we make it fun. Our tracking tools can also track your virtual and hybrid event engagement.

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