6Connex & MediaPlatform Webinar: How to Create Engaging Virtual Environments

MediaPlatform and 6Connex Create Immersive Virtual Environments for Enterprise Events

MediaPlatform, a leading premium live webcasting platform and 6Connex, the leading global enterprise platform for virtual and hybrid events, today announced they have integrated their top-of-the-line live webcasting and virtual event environments to propel Global 2000 companies to create rich, online experiences that place 3D booth models in the past.

In this video, you will have the opportunity to recap a live webinar to learn more about 6Connex, MediaPlatform, and the engagement, collaboration, and partnership to help build the best virtual and hybrid events for you and your team.

Our virtual and hybrid event engagement tools include:

  • 6Connex Event AI
  • Live webcasts
  • Chat options
  • Surveys
  • Feature booths for your sponsors
  • Open universe for tool integrations
  • Limitless content sharing opportunities
  • - Gamification

Our environments offer unique and personalized engagement - and we make it fun. You can also track your virtual and hybrid event engagement with our tracking tools.

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