Hybrid Events: How-To On-Demand Webinar

Create the Ultimate Hybrid Event Experience & Maximize Your ROI

Learn from our experts Joakim Jönsson and Lisa Farrell, as they share valuable insights and best practices for your next hybrid event.


The events landscape is changing yet again. Hybrid events are shaping up to be the way forward and are poised to play a larger role in the industry.

As it turns out, hybrid events offer event organizers more than just momentum in a physically restricted world. Its virtual component opens doors for leveraging AI-based event technology to improve attendee experience, and even add to the missed personal experience that allows attendees to break bread with colleagues, share a drink, and have a strong connection while networking.

Our Virtual and Hybrid Event Engagement Tools Include:

    • 6Connex Event AI
    • Live webcasts
    • Chat options
    • Surveys
    • Feature booths for your sponsors
    • Open universe for tool integrations
    • Limitless content sharing opportunities
    • Gamification Our environments offer unique and personalized engagement
    • & We make it fun!

You can also track your virtual and hybrid event engagement with our tracking tools. Recap with the webinar video above to learn how 6Connex technology can support hybrid events, and gather some actionable takeaways for your next virtual venue.

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