The Importance of Sustainability with Luiz Martins, 6Connex CMO

It’s important for us to quantify the sustainability benefits of our virtual platform so that we could encourage other companies to join us on our journey to reduce our carbon footprint. Enjoy the video below to learn more about the 6Connex sustainability commitment and the data to back it. Dive deep into real data from 6Connex partners reducing their carbon footprint by hosting events on our virtual event platform.


Luiz's Story

"I was born and raised in Brazil, in a small town called Manaus; and unless you frequently explore remote areas of the Amazon, you have probably never heard of it. There are no roads that connect Manaus to any major cities, so to visit, you either fly or navigate the Amazon river - quite an unusual place to call home. I left Manaus when I was 18 to pursue an MBA in Rio de Janeiro, after which I lived in Argentina, Chile, and the United States for almost 10 years.

When you are close to something, it often takes a while for you to notice how unique and special that ‘thing’ is, be it a job, a trip, and even relationships. With me, this was true of Manaus. It was only after years spent far away that I began to appreciate my hometown - maybe not the heat and humidity, but the incredible vista when you stand on the shore of a vast river, the opportunity to swim and fish on pristine lakes, the taste of fruit picked from your own backyard and which no one ever planted, and the endless ocean of trees beneath the plane when you’re en route to visit family. It’s a privilege to call Manaus home, and I’m now thankful for the unique experiences I’ve had. But given current environmental threats, I can’t say for sure how long people will be able to enjoy these same experiences, which is why I have made a conscious effort to promote the importance of sustainability, and practice reducing my carbon footprint when I can.

I was taught about the importance of sustainability from a young age, and that everything you do to help, as small as it may seem at the time, has its impact. I carry this lesson from one role to the next, and I have tried to help all the companies where I’ve held roles prioritize the preservation and care for the environment. While some of my initiatives have been more successful than others, joining 6Connex early in 2020 marked the first time my passion was reflected in the company product. 6Connex’s virtual environment platform promotes a sustainable future by significantly reducing CO2 emissions for thousands of companies worldwide. It’s a core value proposition of our business, and it’s comforting to know our impact on the environment is independent from budgets, strategies, or any other business dynamics that commonly impact well-intentioned projects.

It was important for me to quantify the sustainability benefits of our product so that we could encourage other companies to join us on our journey to reduce our carbon footprint. To that purpose, we have partnered with WSP, a well-known consulting company with a long-term practice of measuring the impact of sustainability programs. What WSP has found is impressive. Please look at the materials and check out the impact both virtual and hybrid events have on the environment. I hope that regardless of which partner you choose to run your event programs, you consider this data when determining how you engage with your communities. We can all do our part to ensure the environment’s gifts are available for future generations to enjoy."

- Luiz Martins, CMO at 6Connex

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