The Rise of Virtual Environment Platforms with 6Connex

6Connex is a secure, cloud-based virtual environment platform that enables marketing, sales, human resources, and recruiting teams – in any industry - to host virtual and hybrid events that drive audience engagement.

Our fully immersive virtual environments feature attendee-centric event AI capabilities to keep attendees highly engaged, such as:

    • AI matchmaking
    • My Scheduling
    • My Agenda

Event organizers can create:

    • Live Experiences
    • On-Demand Experiences
    • Simulive Experiences
    • Virtual Conferencing
    • Interactive Games
    • Intimate 1:1 Chats
    • & Much More

6Connex is also built with HTML5, for a seamless mobile experience and cross-platform support. From events that need a speedy delivery, to events that require enhanced customization and features, you can rely on 6Connex virtual event products to get the job done.

Enjoy the video above to learn more about the rise of virtual environments and virtual venues in today's landscape.

Schedule a virtual event demo with 6Connex today to get started!

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