Video: 6Connex Virtual Environments – Engagement at its Peak!

6Connex is the global leader in virtual environments. We're all-in-one secure cloud-hosted virtual event platform that allows you to create compelling virtual experiences for any use case, any industry, and any size enterprise, with an endless menu of customizable features and multiple integration points.

6Connex helps you make connections, exponentially lower your event investment, and drive meaningful engagement with your audiences.

Our virtual and hybrid event engagement tools include:

  • 6Connex Event AI
  • Live webcasts
  • Chat options
  • Surveys
  • Feature booths for your sponsors
  • Open universe for tool integrations
  • Limitless content sharing opportunities
  • Gamification

Our environments offer unique and personalized engagement - and we make it fun. You can also track your virtual and hybrid event engagement with our tracking tools.

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