Video: Learn About Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual Job Fairs Made Easy with 6Connex

Susan’s company is hiring, and as the HR Director, she’s on the hook. It’s not her first rodeo, and she’s worried. Susan knows how hard it is to reach the best candidates with limited resources. Even if the best candidates are invited, they may not be able to attend a physical career fair; they may already have a job, or not live nearby. Meeting anyone face-to-face can be tough. Susan wishes that there was a way to connect with more candidates, even those who aren’t looking right now… but she knows that with a tight budget, that’s just not possible. Or is it? With the 6Connex virtual event platform, Susan can host her own Virtual Job Fair. An online home for her job listings, company videos, and downloadable content is easy to create with 6Connex.

Before her eyes Susan witnesses the magic of hosting a live event from the comfort of her own desk. Candidates attend from anywhere, even from across the country, and at any time during the live day, even the middle of their workday. Susan is stunned to find how easy it is for her recruiters to screen candidates and for the candidates to have all their questions answered via live chat. With a virtual career fair, she can reach more candidates, track interaction and results, and increase her hire rate. Looks like for Susan results don’t have to be limited; all thanks to Virtual Events on the 6Connex platform.

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