Video: Learn About Virtual Job Fairs

How to host your virtual job fair, reach the best candidates, and increase your hire rate.

There are many reasons to use virtual event platforms for virtual job fairs. An online hub for job listings, company videos, and downloadable content is easy to create with 6Connex. Candidates can attend from anywhere, and at any time. It's easy for recruiters to screen candidates and for the candidates to have all their questions answered via live chat. With a virtual career fair, you can reach more candidates, track interaction and results, and increase your hire rate.

Watch this quick explainer video to find out what a virtual career fair can do for you!

Our virtual and hybrid event engagement tools include:

  • 6Connex Event AI
  • Live webcasts
  • Chat options
  • Surveys
  • Feature booths for your sponsors
  • Open universe for tool integrations
  • Limitless content sharing opportunities
  • Gamification

Our environments offer unique and personalized engagement - and we make it fun. You can also track your virtual and hybrid event engagement with our tracking tools.

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