6Connex Partner Showcase Webinar Vol. 1 Featuring Snapbar, Walls.IO, and Webinar.Net

Experience Ultimate Engagement with our Open Universe 

Learn how to keep both in-person and online attendees engaged as we take you through a true 6Connex Hybrid experience.

Hybrid events offer event organizers more than just momentum in a physically restricted world. Its virtual component opens doors for improving attendee experience, increasing engagement in unique ways and even add to the missed personal experience that allows attendees to break bread with colleagues, share a drink, and have a strong connection while networking.

In this webinar recording, learn how you can achieve a one-stop-shop integration for your hybrid event, taking engagement to the next level through some of our unique integrations.


Snapbar: Optimize our engagement opportunities with a web-based photo booth experience that enhances connection, builds community and creates memories within 6Connex’s environment.

Walls.IO: Engage your audience with user-generated social media content increasing your brand awareness and elevating your event experience.

Webinar.Net: Upload your own background template or select from our cool catalog. Pick your color and font to go along with your corporate slide deck and logo. A well-designed webinar audience UI will give your company a great first impression.


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