Tips for Marketing a Medical Conference

There are many things that you have to do correctly in order to have a successful medical conference. You have to organize the event, secure the venue, and communicate with speakers in order to ensure that everything is going according to plan. However, another thing that you have to do to have a great conference is to market the conference properly. 

This can prove challenging, especially if the conference revolves around a complex subject like a medical conference does. Despite this, there are some tips that you can follow in order to enhance the medical marketing strategy for your conference. Read on for some tips about how to market a medical conference. 

Leverage Guest Blog Posts and Targeted Blog Posts to Promote Your Medical Conference

In the event that you only post about the conference while it is ongoing, you are missing out on an opportunity to steadily build interest in the conference. Instead, it is better to write targeted blog posts that discuss a variety of topics ranging from your thoughts on new medical developments to discussing the best medical practices. However, it is important to link these topics back to the conference in some way. It is also a good idea to interview attendees and speakers to provide your readers with another reason to check out your website before the conference. Guest blog posts can also help promote your medical conference, especially if they are written by past speakers or attendees. 

Twitter Chats Are Another Good Way of Marketing  a Medical Conference

Social media is an excellent tool for promoting medical conferences, whether you are holding them at a virtual venue or at an in-person venue. Twitter is one of the better social media platforms for promoting conferences since it is a good site for real-time and casual conversations. If you set up regularly scheduled chats based on a branded hashtag, you can receive a good response from users. You can even discuss topics that your medical conference is going to cover in these chats. It is even better if you can have your speakers moderate the chats since this will attract more users. 

Tap Into Previous Attendees to Drive Awareness for Your Medical Conference

There are many good ways to market your medical conference via social media. A conference platform can also help. However, you can promote your medical conference by communicating with previous attendees via email, too.

If you held previous events, you can simply utilize the mailing list to reach out to previous attendees. It is best if you communicate with them prior to, during, and following the medical conference via surveys, newsletters, and other content they might find interesting. This allows you to strengthen your relationship with them over time so they are ready to buy tickets once the tickets are available. 

Reach Out to Industry Influencers in the Medical Space

Social media and email can prove to be valuable event technology for promoting your medical conference. However, sometimes, it is best to enlist the help of someone in your industry with name value. You should speak to prominent figures in your medical sector to gauge if they would be willing to share your content or post about your event. It is best to begin your relationship with these figures through their social media profiles. These profiles serve as a casual environment that lets you introduce yourself more informally. 

Request That Past Speakers and Attendees Blog Regarding Their Experiences With The Conference

This is another good way to promote your medical conference. However, you do have to keep in mind the fact that medical professionals are quite busy. As a result, you need to offer a worthwhile opportunity that is worth the medical professionals' time.

You should contact both attendees and speakers from past conferences and request that they write blog posts about their experiences. This provides you with important feedback you can use to improve your conference. Additionally, you can learn more about the speakers and attendees' favorite parts of your conference. This is useful whether you are holding in-person events, virtual events, or even hybrid events.

Promote Your Conference With LinkedIn's Targeted Social Ads

LinkedIn is another social media platform you can use to market your medical conference. It can prove to be a good virtual, in-person, or hybrid event solution. Thankfully, with advertising targeting from LinkedIn, you receive a clear picture of who your campaign will reach.

This means that you can target your ads to people with the ideal attendee profile. You can use job title matches as well as other crucial demographic information to target them. You do have to pay for targeted advertising from LinkedIn. That being said, it can still prove to be a cost-effective promotion method. 

Curate Content From Your Medical Conference's Target Audience

It can prove challenging to create a sufficient amount of content to sustain your medical marketing campaigns. However, if you curate content, you can use your target audience's high-quality content and share the content with your readers. You can find this high-quality content by utilizing Twitter lists and a feed reader. That way, you can read popular articles and choose ones that match the interests of your attendees. If you're planning on holding a virtual event, you can use a virtual event platform to help make it a success. 

Ensure Your Event Page Is Optimized For Conversions

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of an event registration page is to get people to sign up for the event. That is why you have to ensure that your event registration page motivates visitors to do just that. One part of optimizing your event page for conversions is to eliminate anything that interferes with the primary goal of getting people to sign up, like disruptive content.

Also, you have to make a call to action section or a call to action button that is eye-catching and displayed prominently. You have to create plenty of copy that explores the benefits of your medical conference. This is a good in-person, virtual, or hybrid event solution. You can also improve your virtual event with these virtual event products. You should address any pre-registration questions visitors might have and simplify the process of getting in touch with you for one-on-one assistance. 

Conduct A Follow-Up Survey

One more good way to improve the medical marketing strategy for your conference is to conduct a follow-up survey of previous attendees. You can utilize this information to improve how you promote future conferences. You should ask the previous attendees how they learned about your conference and what channels of communication they prefer.

This can help you pinpoint which promotion methods are most effective and which promotion methods should be altered or discarded. Additionally, you can also ask what kind of conference past attendees prefer and possibly change the format of your future conference. If you plan on holding a virtual event, you should use top-notch event technology and go with high-quality virtual event solutions

Ask Your Conference's Sponsors to Promote The Conference Via Social Media

It is a good idea to incorporate social media into your medical marketing strategy. One way to utilize social media to effectively market your medical conference is to ask the conference's sponsors to promote it on their social media accounts. After all, your sponsors might have a larger social media following than your company does and, therefore, their social media posts will reach more people.

Also, you have to keep in mind that your conference could be a good place for the sponsors to market themselves. As a result, it is mutually beneficial for the conference's sponsors to draw more attention to the medical conference. You might worry about audience engagement if you intend on holding the conference as a virtual event. However, if you use these engagement tools, you won't have to worry about that anymore. 

Utilize Medical Conference Discounts and Sign-up Incentives

Another helpful way to promote your medical conference is to provide various offers. These can range from student discounts, sign-up discounts, early bird pricing, and package discounts to being able to access journals, documents, and more that are relevant to your conference. It is best to ask past attendees and see which kinds of offers they might like.

After you provide these offers, you can cut down on the offers that didn't receive much interest and focus more on the offers that did generate attendee interest. Offers can be helpful, but for a virtual event, using a good conference platform is key. You can request a virtual event platform demo to see if 6Connex's platform is right for your event. 

Showcase the Event Tech for Your Medical  Conference

Another tip for marketing your medical conference is to discuss the high-quality event technology that will be part of the conference. This can prove helpful, especially if you are holding a virtual event. This event tech can make registering for the conference easier and even improve attendee interactions, as well. You should check out these event tech solutions to see how the technology can improve your conference and entice users to register.

Explore Your Medical Conference's Sustainability

Sustainability is a major concern for a wide variety of industries these days. If your conference has a sustainability element, then you should post about it on your website and your social media accounts. This can help promote the conference effectively. It may even draw the attention of leading industry figures due to their own interest in sustainability. Check out this resource for more information about sustainable events.

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