6 Ways to Use Video Conferencing for Learning and Training

Video conference software has become mainstream in the modern business as more and more companies rely on remote workers. Yet even for those who have returned to in-person models, or never sent their employees home during the pandemic, video conferencing software still provides an excellent opportunity to create better training and instruction for tea members. With video conference training, employers can reach team members no matter where they are located, making training more effective and more comprehensive. If you are considering implementing remote training into your workplace, our virtual event solutions make it easier. As you plan this training, here are six strategies you can use to make it effective.

1. Create Online Training Courses to Unite Remote Workers

Online training courses using video conferencing software are a great way to unite your remote teams. With the video conferencing, leaders and instructors can ensure all team members are given the same instruction. The team can also meet via video conferencing to participate in discussions about what they have learned and provide each other feedback on how to implement it in the workplace. Using virtual platforms to train workers can also help a company save money. It eliminates the need to pay travel costs and lodging for in-person training, and it allows the team to benefit from the best possible instructors regardless of their physical location.

2. Host Company-Wide Virtual Events

Virtual events can be a great way to draw your team together, even when they are not all working at the same physical location. Video conferencing software can be the starting point for virtual and hybrid events, giving you the platform to structure the event and log people in. Whether you bring in keynote speakers, host live courses, or build discussion forums, an event is an excellent engagement tool for your team to deliver a large amount of instruction in a few days’ time.

3. Create a Coaching Program

Whether it is a peer coaching program or a program that connects leaders with those who need additional help, video conferencing can make it easy to set up a coaching or mentorship program. With the right software, a company can connect mentors and coaches with those who can most benefit from their guidance, even if they are not in the same physical location. Coaches can also meet with leadership through the video conference software or virtual event platform. Couching and mentorship programs using video conferencing or webcasting software can help new employees get established within the company as well, and this can help improve your employee retention and satisfaction.

4. Record Training for Use in the Future

Learning how to record a video conference opens the door to even more benefits form video conferencing as a training tool. With video conference training courses, employers can record the best training for use in the future. This ensures that the training is repeatable, even if the exact class or course is not something that the team is able to replicate. Having the videos behavioral for referencing after the training also helps employees retain their training better. They can stop the video to take notes or process the content, then revisit areas they did not understand well. Employees are more likely to watch a video then read a training manual, so recording the training done through virtual platforms creates a database that employers can continue tapping well into the future.

5. Facilitate Small Group Learning

Within video conferencing training sessions, consider breaking out some small groups. These small groups allow the team members to interact with one another, discuss complex topics handled in the training, or reflect on the presentation or lesson. This strategy can encourage greater retention, and it can also help create networking connections within your organization. In these small group sessions, your team members can often benefit from the knowledge and skills of each other.

6. Host Round Tables with the Intent of Learning

Not all video conference training needs to be an instructor instructing a group of employees. You can also host round table discussions with a focus on learning. Like the small groups within a larger event or training session, round tables give your team the opportunity to learn from each other, and leadership can also learn from team members as they come together in this way.

As you look to add video conferencing to your training options, consider 6Connex. Our virtual event solutions not only are great to set up a virtual venue for your next large-scale event, but they can also work well for video-based training. While our focus is on sustainable events, our event tech integrations allow you to use the technology for a wide range of purposes. Request a virtual event platform demo today to see how these programs could be part of your video training.

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