30 Must-Have Event Management Software Features

Navigating the complexities of event planning can be daunting. Every detail, from attendee registration to session scheduling, plays a crucial role in the success of an event. A slight oversight could lead to potential mishaps. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue with advanced event management platforms like 6Connex, designed to streamline the intricacies of event coordination.

Understanding the importance of selecting the right event management software is crucial. According to recent insights from G2:

  • By 2028, the market value of the event industry could grow to more than $2 trillion.
  • 67.4% of organizers say they have changed or plan to change their event management software vendor within the next year.
  • 65% of event planners say they will use technologies like onsite check-in tools (53%), QR codes (49%), artificial intelligence (42%), and virtual reality (40%) to maximize the associated opportunities.

Choosing an optimal event management software need not be overwhelming but has become increasingly important. Continue reading to discover the capabilities of modern event management platforms and why your choice matters.

What is Event Management Software?

Event management software is an all-in-one solution crafted to assist event organizers and professionals in streamlining all facets of event planning and execution. This software offers a unified platform where tasks such as event registration, attendee engagement, venue selection, speaker scheduling, ticketing, and more can be managed from a single interface.

The core objective of this software is to simplify the event planning process by automating manual tasks, neatly organizing event details, and delivering actionable insights through data analytics. This efficiency not only saves time and reduces errors but also enhances the attendee experience, ensuring each event is smooth and successful, and delivers measurable ROI.

Consider incorporating the following features or tools into your event management software tech stack:

  • Event registration and ticketing
  • Management of attendees and speakers
  • Agenda and session management
  • Communication and engagement tools
  • Vendor and venue management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile event applications
  • Sponsor management
  • Virtual event capabilities

By centralizing these functionalities, event management software allows event professionals to concentrate more on strategic decision-making and the creative aspects of event planning, rather than being overwhelmed by administrative tasks. Whether organizing a corporate conference, an educational seminar, a trade show, or a social event, this software serves as the supportive backbone, enabling the creation of memorable and well-coordinated events that achieve their goals and delight participants.

Event Management Features Must-Haves

1. Dynamic Registration

In the evolving landscape of event management, where hybrid and virtual events have become commonplace, event organizers are tasked with catering to diverse attendee preferences. Some attendees may opt for the in-person experience, while others might prefer the convenience of participating virtually.

Additionally, the range of ticket options can vary widely—from general admission to exclusive VIP packages. The best event management platforms enable you to customize the registration process, allowing attendees to choose the experience that best suits their needs and preferences.

6Connex Offers: We understand the importance of flexibility in event registration. Our platform is designed to offer a customizable registration experience, in-person, virtual, or hybrid, ensuring that every attendee can tailor their participation to fit their requirements, enhancing satisfaction and engagement at every level of the event.

2. Reporting and Analytics

Top-tier event professionals are committed to refining their strategies through relentless data analysis. It’s crucial, therefore, to choose an event management platform that provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features. These tools allow event organizers to deeply analyze data, identify trends, and discern what aspects of their event are succeeding or needing improvement, paving the way for informed decision-making and strategic enhancements.

6Connex Offers: Sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities enable event professionals to harness data effectively. Our platform provides detailed insights into attendee behavior, engagement levels, and overall event performance, equipping organizers with the necessary information to optimize future events and maximize returns.

3. Integrations

In today's digital landscape, organizations often deploy a myriad of tools to manage their operations. To truly enhance your event management capabilities, it's essential to select a platform that seamlessly integrates with the various tools your team uses daily. This integration ensures that your event management system works harmoniously with existing technologies, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

6Connex Offers: Cue Open Universe event technology, which provides complete bring-your-own-solution (BYOS) flexibility. This allows for the creation of customized integrations within the event platform by exploring, testing, documenting, and deploying leading third-party solutions that deliver exceptional value to our clients and their attendees.

4. Virtual Venue

In today's era of virtual and hybrid events, it is crucial for teams to provide distinctive and captivating experiences. Opting for an event management solution equipped with a virtual event venue allows attendees to gather in a centralized location to absorb content, engage in networking, and interact with speakers through live chat, polls, surveys, and other interactive features.

6Connex Offers: We simplify virtual events with its comprehensive suite of engagement tools within a single virtual environment. Our platform is designed to make virtual and hybrid events more intuitive and engaging, offering marketers the tools to host successful events with fewer resources. From customizable virtual venue designs that can be adapted for various events to pre-configured templates for quick setup, 6Connex offers a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly platform that enhances attendee experience and event outcomes.

Explore the possibilities with our own virtual venue, Quest, and see how easy it is to navigate and use, ensuring that every event you host is a standout success.

5. Perpetual Environment for Continuous Engagement

A perpetual environment transforms traditional events into a continuous, always-on platform, enhancing long-term engagement by allowing attendees to access content and network indefinitely. This approach not only keeps the event resources active and accessible but also serves multiple purposes: fostering community building through ongoing discussions, acting as a resource hub for webinars and workshops, and facilitating continuous learning with additional training and certification opportunities available at attendees’ convenience.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex supports the creation of perpetual environments within its event management platform, ensuring your event remains a vibrant, engaging resource long after the initial dates. This feature is invaluable for fostering long-term connections and ongoing professional development, making your event a cornerstone for community and knowledge in your field.

6. Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are essential for creating more personalized and intimate discussion spaces during larger events. They allow smaller groups to engage in focused conversations, enhancing the interactive quality of your event. The ability to quickly set up breakout rooms during an event is a feature to seek in event management software.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex facilitates easy creation and management of breakout rooms, allowing event organizers to segment larger gatherings into smaller, topic-specific discussions. This feature enhances networking and deepens engagement among participants.

7. Livestreaming

Livestreaming has become indispensable in today’s connected world, providing real-time experiences that engage remote audiences. Effective event management tools should support high-quality live-streaming capabilities, ensuring participants feel integrated and part of the live event, no matter where they are.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex supports seamless live streaming, enabling organizers to broadcast their events in real time. This capability ensures that remote attendees can experience the event as if they were there, enhancing their sense of participation and engagement.

8. Simulive

Simulive, or simulated live streaming, combines the best aspects of live and pre-recorded presentations. This feature is ideal for reducing the risk of live errors while maintaining the engagement of a live broadcast. It allows for the streaming of pre-recorded content that appears live, providing a smooth viewing experience.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex’s Simulive capabilities allow event organizers to broadcast pre-recorded sessions as if they were live, ensuring high-quality presentations without the unpredictability of real-time streaming. This feature is perfect for delivering polished and engaging content.

9. On-demand Content

On-demand content is crucial for extending the life of your event beyond its actual dates. Providing attendees with the ability to access recorded sessions at their convenience ensures continuous learning and engagement. It also serves as a valuable tool for attracting future registrations by showcasing the quality of your event content.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex enables organizers to offer on-demand content post-event, allowing attendees to revisit educational sessions and inspirational talks. This feature not only enhances the attendee experience but also helps in content repurposing strategies to boost future event attendance.

10. User Roles and Permissions

In today's digital age, securing sensitive event information is paramount, especially given the high costs associated with data breaches. Implementing an event management software that offers detailed user roles and permissions is crucial for safeguarding your data. This feature ensures that access to sensitive information is strictly controlled, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing overall security.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex provides robust user roles and permissions settings, allowing event organizers to define and manage access levels meticulously. This system ensures that only authorized personnel can access specific data and functionalities, securing sensitive event information effectively against potential breaches.

11. Mobile App

During your event, attendees are often preoccupied with numerous details such as their next session's location, time, and agenda. A mobile app can dramatically enhance their experience. With such an app, attendees can effortlessly access all necessary information on their mobile devices, interact with speakers, participate in polls and surveys, and engage with other attendees, all in real-time and at their fingertips.

6Connex Offers: Eventory by 6Connex, which includes four innovative mobile apps designed to optimize the attendee experience from every angle. Whether it's managing event details on the go, streamlining check-ins with QR code technology, or enhancing attendee engagement through interactive features, our suite of apps provides comprehensive solutions to meet all your event needs. These apps not only simplify the management and participation processes but also enrich the overall event experience, ensuring that attendees have everything they need right in their pockets.

12. Engagement Tools

Creating engaging and memorable virtual experiences is paramount in today's digital event landscape. Effective engagement tools are essential for keeping your audience attentive, involved, and interacting throughout the event, both online and offline.

6Connex excels in providing a suite of state-of-the-art audience engagement tools within its virtual and hybrid event platforms, ensuring every event is a dynamic and immersive experience. Here’s what 6Connex offers to elevate your event engagement:

13. Customizable Virtual Environments

Creating engaging virtual spaces for events is crucial in today’s digital-first environment. Customizable virtual environments enable event organizers to design unique 3-D branded spaces using flexible templates or by collaborating with design specialists. This approach ensures each virtual event is not only visually appealing but also uniquely tailored to reflect your brand’s identity and enhance attendee engagement.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex provides a variety of templates for designing customizable virtual environments, along with access to design specialists for creating bespoke digital experiences. This flexibility allows you to craft captivating environments that keep attendees engaged and make each event a memorable experience.

14. Interactive Chats

Live, interactive chats are essential for fostering real-time interaction among attendees and speakers, creating a dynamic and connected environment at your event. This feature supports ongoing conversations and networking opportunities, allowing participants to exchange ideas, and feedback, and engage through instant messaging, including the use of emojis.

6Connex Offers: Enhance your event with 6Connex's integrated live chat functionalities, which include the ability to communicate seamlessly within the event platform. This tool not only fosters greater attendee interaction by enabling text exchanges but also enhances engagement through the use of emojis, making the chat experience more expressive and fun. This creates a lively and inclusive atmosphere, vital for maintaining high energy and interaction levels throughout your event.

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15. Live Polls

Polls are effective for engaging attendees and collecting instant feedback during sessions. They not only make sessions interactive but also allow organizers to gauge attendees' reactions and tailor the event content to their interests.

6Connex Offers: Our platform includes easy-to-use polling tools that help you engage your audience and collect valuable insights in real time. These insights can guide event dynamics and content adjustments on the fly, making each session more relevant and engaging.

16. Q&A

Q&A sessions enrich the learning experience by allowing attendees to ask questions directly to speakers, facilitating a deeper exploration of the topic at hand.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex supports robust Q&A capabilities that can be integrated into any session, encouraging active participation and making it easy for speakers to address specific attendee inquiries. This feature enhances the educational impact of your events by ensuring that all participant questions are addressed comprehensively.

17. Interactive and Gamified Elements

Incorporating interactive and gamified elements into your events can significantly enhance attendee enjoyment and participation. Features such as scavenger hunts, branded photo booths, and custom playlists create engaging micro-moments that entertain and captivate your audience, making your event memorable and fun.

6Connex Offers: Enrich your events with a variety of interactive and gamified elements designed to boost attendee engagement. Our platform allows you to easily integrate scavenger hunts, set up branded photo booths, and customize playlists to enhance the event atmosphere. These features not only make your events more enjoyable but also encourage active participation, helping attendees connect with the content and each other in a dynamic way.

18. Language Support

Language support is crucial for ensuring inclusivity and accessibility at global events. Providing subtitles in over 100 languages enables attendees from different linguistic backgrounds to fully engage with your content. This not only enhances the attendee experience but also significantly expands the reach and impact of your events.

6Connex Offers: We offer comprehensive language support, enabling subtitles in more than 100 languages across various event formats. Whether it’s live, simulive, or on-demand sessions, our platform ensures that your content is accessible to a global audience. This feature helps break down language barriers, making your events more inclusive and engaging for participants from all over the world.

19. Scalability for Large Events

Scalability is a critical feature for event management software, particularly when dealing with large-scale events that cater to thousands of attendees. An effective event platform must be able to handle increasing demands without compromising performance or attendee experience. This includes managing large volumes of interactions, registrations, and data seamlessly across various event modules.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex is designed with scalability at its core, making it perfectly suited for large events. Our platform can effortlessly support events of any size, from small gatherings to large conferences with thousands of participants. With robust infrastructure and advanced technological capabilities, 6Connex ensures smooth operation, high reliability, and excellent performance, regardless of the scale of the event. 

20. AI Technology

Advanced AI technology in event management software is essential for enhancing virtual and hybrid events. It analyzes attendee behavior in real time, allowing for personalized content delivery and networking opportunities. This not only improves user engagement but also tailors the event experience to individual preferences, significantly increasing the overall effectiveness and attendee satisfaction. AI-driven personalization is a key tool for event organizers aiming to deliver a highly impactful and engaging event experience.

6Connex Offers: Elevate event personalization through AI Matchmaking and the AI Content Hub. AI Matchmaking analyzes attendee profiles—considering interests, professional backgrounds, and past behaviors—to recommend tailored sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. This targeted approach enhances the attendee experience by facilitating connections with the right people and fostering valuable professional relationships.

The AI Content Hub optimizes content delivery by curating personalized content feeds for each attendee. It selects the most relevant and engaging keynotes, panel discussions, and resources based on individual preferences and engagement levels.

By integrating these AI-driven tools, 6Connex ensures each event is not only informative but also deeply relevant and engaging, significantly boosting attendee satisfaction and driving the success of events.

21. Sustainability in Event Management

In today’s world, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a necessary commitment for businesses looking to make a positive impact on the environment. 6Connex is at the forefront of sustainability in the event industry, leveraging technology to reduce the ecological footprint of events globally. Our platform supports virtual and hybrid events, significantly cutting down on the carbon emissions associated with large-scale physical events.

6Connex Offers: Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through initiatives that measure and report the carbon emissions saved by hosting events virtually. We have partnered with WSP, an environmental science firm, to quantify the positive impact of our virtual events and share these findings in detailed sustainability reports. These efforts not only highlight the reduced carbon footprint associated with virtual events but also encourage more organizations to consider sustainable event solutions.

22. Email Marketing

Email marketing is crucial for driving event attendance and maintaining engagement with registrants, speakers, and sponsors. It plays a vital role in pre-event promotion and post-event follow-up, keeping participants informed and engaged.

6Connex Offers: Eventory includes robust email marketing tools that facilitate seamless communication with all event stakeholders. These tools help ensure everyone is up-to-date with event information and engaged throughout the event lifecycle, from initial announcements to post-event follow-ups. This continuous engagement helps build anticipation for upcoming events and maintains a connection with attendees long after an event concludes.

23. Customizable Landing Page Builder

A customizable landing page builder is crucial for event organizers looking to create unique and engaging landing pages that effectively represent the theme and branding of their events. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionalities and a selection of versatile templates, this tool enables the quick creation of visually appealing and informative landing pages. Such pages are essential not only for capturing the attention of potential attendees but also for enhancing engagement and streamlining the registration process.

6Connex Offers: Our ability to customize landing pages is designed for simplicity and flexibility, allowing you to integrate your brand elements seamlessly and create landing pages that not only look great but also perform well, ensuring a smooth user experience from the first interaction.

24. Event Check-in

Ensuring a smooth check-in process is vital as it forms the first impression attendees have of your event. Problems at this early stage can negatively impact their experience. By implementing an event management solution with strong check-in capabilities, you can significantly improve the likelihood of a favorable start to your event.

6Connex Offers: The launch of Eventory Check-In marks a significant enhancement to the 6Connex suite of mobile event applications. This tool allows event organizers to efficiently manage check-ins by scanning attendees' tickets, QR codes, or registration details. Designed to facilitate a seamless start to any event, Eventory Check-In is part of 6Connex's commitment to improving event operations and attendee experiences.

Luiz Martins, CMO at 6Connex, emphasizes, "Event applications are indispensable management and engagement tools. Onsite, these apps empower organizers to manage and interact with participants in real-time, while also gathering all necessary data to inform decisions during and after the event."

25. Lead Retrieval Tool

Incorporating lead capture and retrieval capabilities into an all-in-one event management software is essential for modern event success. This feature simplifies the process of collecting and managing potential client information, transforming casual interactions into meaningful business opportunities. By facilitating more natural and engaging exchanges between attendees and exhibitors, it eliminates the reliance on intrusive data collection methods, ensuring a smoother and more efficient information flow.

6Connex Offers: The Eventory Scanner is a key component of the 6Connex suite of event management tools, designed to enhance the effectiveness of lead retrieval processes. Utilizing QR codes for secure data collection, the Eventory Scanner app is tailored for event organizers, partners, and exhibitors. All data collected through the app is encrypted and fully compliant with GDPR standards, ensuring privacy and security.

26. Data Security in Event Management

When choosing an event management software, prioritizing data security is crucial. Opt for platforms that demonstrate a strong commitment to security measures, including encryption, access controls, compliance with stringent policies, and regular security audits. Ensuring that the software adheres to recognized standards such as GDPR and ISO, is essential for maintaining data integrity and privacy.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex provides a security-first approach with decades of experience in securing virtual environments. We have been ISO 27001 certified since 2017, demonstrating our commitment to high-security standards. Our comprehensive data protection practices include rigorous GDPR compliance, third-party penetration testing, secure data management, and continuous security training for our teams. We also maintain transparent privacy policies to protect user information.

27. Personal Communication and Networking

Effective communication and networking are crucial for enriching attendee experiences and key event management software features at any event. To facilitate ongoing conversations and deeper connections between attendees, sponsors, and speakers, it's vital to have an event management solution that supports both direct messaging and the scheduling of 1:1 meetings.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex provides comprehensive tools that allow attendees to easily message each other directly for continuous engagement throughout the event and afterward. Our platform also supports the scheduling and launching of personal meetings, whether virtual or in-person, making it effortless for participants to take their conversations to a more meaningful level.

By integrating these functionalities, 6Connex enhances the networking capabilities of your events, ensuring attendees can connect effectively and build valuable professional relationships.

28. Sponsor Management

Effective sponsor management is key to attracting and engaging sponsors for your events. A top-tier event management solution should simplify participation for sponsors by providing dedicated sponsor portals. These portals consolidate all essential information in one convenient location, allowing sponsors to easily access everything they need to maximize their involvement and return on investment.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex includes comprehensive sponsor management features within our event platforms. Our sponsor portals are designed to streamline access to critical event information, making it straightforward for sponsors to manage their participation, track engagement, and achieve their event goals. This integrated approach ensures sponsors have a seamless experience, enhancing their satisfaction and ongoing commitment to your events.

29. Customer Support

Even the most advanced event management software requires exceptional ongoing support to be fully effective. It's crucial that your provider offers comprehensive support resources to help you maximize the use of their platform and enhance your events. Support options should include phone and email support, live chat, an extensive online knowledge base, live demos, and an active online customer community. Additionally, regular product updates and optimizations are essential to keep the platform performing at its best.

6Connex Offers: 6Connex is committed to providing outstanding customer support to ensure you get the most out of our event management solutions. Our support extends across various channels, including dedicated customer success management and an enriched online knowledge base. Our commitment to excellence in customer service is reflected in our G2 badges, where users consistently express high satisfaction, highlighting our "Users Love Us" accolade.


30. 360 Event Management

Effective event management requires a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of event coordination, not just exhibitor management. A comprehensive 360 event management software should streamline the entire event lifecycle, including floorplan mapping, booth management, promotions, and lead retrieval. It should provide a unified solution that simplifies logistics for exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors while offering event planners powerful tools for customized reporting and actionable insights to continuously enhance future events.

6Connex Offers: We provide a comprehensive exhibitor management solution through its advanced event platform designed for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. The platform streamlines the management of ticketing, booth logistics, and staff scheduling, and integrates sales automation and lead retrieval systems to boost exhibitor engagement and productivity. Additionally, it features robust promotions management and detailed analytics, enabling exhibitors to effectively manage their marketing efforts and providing event planners with critical data to optimize event strategies and execution.

Elevate Your Event Management with 6Connex

Choosing the right event management software is vital for seamless event execution. 6Connex provides a robust platform equipped with everything needed for managing dynamic, engaging, and secure events, whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid. From AI-driven personalization to comprehensive analytics and robust security, our tools ensure your events are both memorable and efficient.

Discover how 6Connex can transform your event planning experience. Book a demo today and see firsthand how our platform can enhance your events and deliver exceptional results.

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