6Connex Event Awards: A Showcase of Event Technology

Are you ready to celebrate the best in event planning and execution? We’re excited to announce the winners of the first-ever 6Connex Event Awards!

These awards recognize outstanding events and leaders in the industry for their innovative event strategies and exceptional results. The winners were announced at the CNX 2023 event, and we want to take a moment to congratulate all the winners for their hard work, dedication, and talent. From the best in-person event to the best global implementation of event technology, we're thrilled to honor these exceptional events and leaders. So, let's take a closer look at the winners and celebrate their achievements!


Best Virtual Event - Trek Bikes


Trek Bikes has been awarded the Best Virtual Event for their exceptional event, "Win the Season." The event was executed seamlessly on a virtual platform, delivering an engaging and interactive experience to attendees from around the world. The event's design was sleek and modern, featuring motion GIFs and presenter-centric rooms, creating a visually stunning virtual environment.

Attendees had access to presentations from some of the world's greatest sports, political, and business leaders, including Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Admiral William McRaven, Collin Powell, and Nick Saban, among others. The presentations were available on-demand in 16 languages, allowing attendees from diverse backgrounds to fully engage with the content. Additionally, the event had 15+ registration sets, many entitlements, and more, ensuring that attendees had a personalized and memorable experience.

Trek Bikes has been a customer of 6Connex for three years, and they continue to raise the bar with their exceptional virtual events. The event was completely self-service, demonstrating Trek's ability to execute virtual events with ease and precision. Congratulations to Trek Bikes for winning the Best Virtual Event Award and for setting a new standard for virtual experiences.


Best Hybrid Event - Abbott


Abbott has won the Best Hybrid Event Award for their remarkable execution of the Sales Award Meeting. This event successfully integrated the benefits of both in-person and virtual elements, enabling attendees to participate and engage regardless of their location. The event was characterized by a seamless integration of in-person and virtual elements, high-quality technology and equipment, and a range of engaging content.

The Abbott Sales Award Meeting was an internal event that included both in-person and virtual attendees. The event was designed with immersive technology to ensure that all participants had an inclusive and engaging experience. Attendees were able to use the in-person mobile application to view the agenda, customize which sessions to attend, and receive important notifications via our push notification technology.

One of the highlights of the event was the immersive technology that allowed virtual attendees to feel as though they were in the same room as the in-person attendees. The event also featured a range of engaging content. The venue and virtual platform were of high quality, contributing to the overall success of the event.

Abbott's commitment to leveraging the benefits of both in-person and virtual events for their internal meetings is a testament to their dedication to creating inclusive and engaging experiences for all participants. We are thrilled to recognize their achievements with the Best Hybrid Event Award, and we look forward to continuing to partner together to create top-of-the-line programs. Congratulations to Abbott for their exceptional work on the Sales Award Meeting.


Best In-Person Event - PROiDEA


Proidea has been awarded the Best In-Person Event Award for their outstanding event, the HackYeah Hackathon. The event was the biggest hackathon in Europe, gathering almost 2,500 attendees, focusing on minimizing waste, and attendees had the chance to win a main prize of 20 thousand Polish zł. The event successfully engaged and entertained attendees, creating a unique and memorable experience that set a standard of excellence in the event industry with the help of the Eventory: an event management platform.

The attendees were able to participate in solving tasks prepared by the organizers and partners during the event, either alone or with a team, resulting in high levels of engagement throughout the event. Attendees were also able to participate in a QR code contest that consisted of 16 QR codes, with over 190 attendees participating and over 3000 scans.

The event was a huge success, with over 275 attendees participating in the voting poll via mobile apps, demonstrating a high level of engagement and interest from the attendees. Proidea's attention to detail, execution, and innovation has set a new standard for in-person events in the event industry. We are thrilled to recognize their achievements with the Best In-Person Event Award. Congratulations to Proidea for their exceptional work on the HackYeah Hackathon.


Best Immersive Experience -  BambooHR


BambooHR has won the Best Immersive Experience Award for their outstanding execution of the HR Virtual Summit 2022. The event was a truly immersive experience, going above and beyond the standard virtual event and creating an unforgettable experience for participants. The event was characterized by cutting-edge technology, stunning visuals, and engaging content, all of which combined to make the event a standout success.

The HR Virtual Summit 2022 featured vibrant branding, a fun mascot, and inspirational celebrity presenters Simon Sinek and Serena Williams, which contributed to the event's immersive atmosphere. The event attracted close to 8,000 attendees over two agenda-filled days, and plenty of 6Connex service support was provided, including account management, project management, webcast management, help desk support, and leadership strategy.

One of the event's highlights was the best-in-class live launch room, which demonstrated unified virtual coordination between BambooHR and 6Connex teams. The event also received top marks for leaderboard/prizes, content, rooms, presentation Q&A, and return usage for on-demand viewing. Additionally, the event featured a unique illustrative design with a map view for easy category selection of sessions by topic. Attendees also had the opportunity to chat live with a great selection of top HR industry exhibitors.

BambooHR's commitment to using the immersive experience for internal, external, and annual industry events for seven consecutive years is a testament to the effectiveness of the experience in creating a truly immersive event. We are thrilled to recognize their achievements with the Best Immersive Experience Award, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future. Congratulations to BambooHR for their exceptional work on the HR Virtual Summit 2022.


Best Global Implementation of Event Technology - Johnson & Johnson


Johnson & Johnson has won the Best Global Implementation of Event Technology award for their exceptional implementation of 6Connex across their entire organization. Implementing event technology across a large organization requires careful planning, assessment, and execution. With the right approach, it can help the organization achieve its event goals more efficiently and effectively. Johnson & Johnson has been working with 6Connex for three years, and they have successfully partnered on over 100 events with a vast range of use cases and end-users.

While working with them, we have been able to adapt events to the end-user's specific needs each time, thus leading to more customized events. We have also worked together to create a customized service offering that best suits Johnson & Johnson's needs. Richard Gomez, the Global Service Owner for the Digital Event Capabilities at Johnson and Johnson, claims, “ It has been a great partnership to work with 6Connex. Our amazing account team has helped design a turn-key, digital event offering that meets the needs of our global workforce and their evolving remote engagement needs and expectations.”

 The successful implementation of 6Connex across Johnson & Johnson's global organization has resulted in more efficient and effective events, contributing to the company's overall success. Congratulations to Johnson & Johnson on winning the Best Global Implementation of Event Technology award!


State of the Art Engagement - kariyer.net


Kariyer.net's commitment to engaging the Turkish workforce and providing them with the tools and resources to succeed was awe-inspiring. Their virtual career fairs stood out as a prime example of state-of-the-art engagement strategies in action. With up to three monthly events, Kariyer.net managed to attract a staggering ~20k registrants, many of whom were repeat visitors. The events were delivered in short bursts over several hours, making it easy for busy professionals to participate.

What set Kariyer.net apart was their impressive engagement metrics. Booths received a high volume of visits, with attendees engaging in chats and interviews with representatives. The platform's interactive features and engaging content also resulted in an impressive number of assets being viewed. Overall, Kariyer.net managed to create a sense of community and connection among attendees, driving their continued success in connecting potential employees and employers through virtual events. 

In addition to their impressive virtual career fairs, Kariyer also organized the Earthquake Employment Mobilization Fair, which aimed to connect job seekers in the earthquake region with employers in need of skilled workers. This event marked Kariyer's commitment to providing support and resources to the citizens affected by the earthquake, and they expressed their gratitude to the employers who prioritized these citizens in their recruitment efforts. Kariyer also thanked 6Connex for their support and infrastructure in making this event possible. It's clear that Kariyer's dedication to engaging and supporting their community has earned them the State-of-the-Art Engagement for Event Award. Congratulations to kariyer.net for their engaging and exceptional work on their virtual career fairs.


Create New eXperiences - On Demand Now!

The first-ever 6Connex Event Awards have successfully recognized and celebrated the most innovative and outstanding event strategies and leaders in the industry. The winners have shown excellence in executing events, whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person and have set a new standard for immersive experiences. All clients have demonstrated a high level of engagement, innovative use of technology, and attention to detail. Congratulations to all the winners for their hard work, dedication, and talent in executing exceptional events, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future. Schedule a consultation with us to discover how 6Connex can help you create an award-winning event.

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