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As the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated, the healthcare industry is a vital foundation to our way of life. For this reason (among others), healthcare is a growing field with high demand for workers to fill various specialized positions. 

Though the pandemic is entering the endemic stage, many are still infected, hospitalized, and dying. So, groups and individuals have to weigh the risks of exposure and transmission against the benefits of returning to "normal." Nowhere is this more evident than with events. Before COVID-19, in-person events were commonplace, and many hospitals and pharma companies hosted in-person events regularly. However, once lockdowns began, these events were put on indefinite hold. 

The good news is that with vaccines, boosters, and stable case numbers, in-person events are returning in a big way, but it can be challenging to meet demand for pharmaceutical company events and maintain safety protocols. Fortunately, technology is here to help - let's discover how. 

A Primer on Technology and Healthcare

Technology and healthcare have always gone hand-in-hand, and the pandemic ushered in a new stage of this partnership, leading to revolutionary changes such as: 

Virtual Doctor Visits

Online Patient Communication

Integrated File Storage and Access

Cloud-Based Solutions for Physicians and Patients

When it comes to event tech, platforms like Zoom and 6Connex have enabled users to connect in meaningful ways without putting their health at risk. While virtual and hybrid events may have seemed impossible before, they're much more common today. Even if at some point the pandemic is officially over, there are some tangible benefits of hosting a virtual gathering, such as: 

  • Lower Costs - Using an event platform like 6Connex is much more affordable than renting a venue space or banquet hall. The reduced costs are especially significant for large events with hundreds or thousands of people. 
  • Smoother Integration - When pharma companies want to show off new products or technological advancements, they can do this easily through a virtual event platform. Plus, these platforms ensure a captive audience. There’s no chance attendees will miss a presentation or demonstration because they're in another room. 
  • Event Recordings - While recording an in-person event is challenging and expensive, this isn’t the case with virtual events. Platforms such as 6Connex allow you to record automatically so that guests can experience the event afterward. You can also use footage for posterity and information sharing. 

How Technology Can Help Improve Various Types of Pharma Events

Pharma event management can encompass a wide array of unique types of events and gatherings. Fortunately, technology can make it easier to facilitate any event and maximize its value. Let's break down a few ways you can utilize technology to enhance your next event, whether it's in-person or virtual. 

Workshops and Seminars

Unlike hands-on workshops where travel is required, it's easy for attendees to participate in a webinar. Plus, because the session is recorded, guests can re-watch the webinar as many times as necessary to gather all pertinent details. Attendees no longer have to take diligent notes or rely on printed materials provided by the host. 

Another advantage of using event tech is that hosts and speakers can share their screens and provide detailed slideshows and presentations, and guests don't have to worry about visibility as they would at a physical venue. As long as they can see their computer screen, they have a clear view of the presentation. 

Podcasts and Panel Discussions

One of the most valuable event types is a panel discussion or Q&A session. During these events, pharma reps and administrators can gain valuable insight from individuals with experience in the industry. Hosting these events virtually means guests can submit text questions and get faster and more detailed responses. 

Again, the ability to record sessions and events adds value. Not only can guests who were unable to attend live watch the footage, but they can also re-watch to absorb the information more easily. 

Podcasts are another option, as they provide tons of digestible content without overloading the senses or dragging on too long. Pharma companies can utilize this medium to give sales reps and administrators more details without going to the trouble of hosting a live event.  

Conferences and Trade Shows

Similar to how technology is driving pharmaceutical industry advances and communication between patients and doctors, event tech is also evolving. Sophisticated event platforms offer a broad menu of apps, all of which allow companies to showcase their products or services in unique and memorable ways in a hybrid or virtual event. Not only can guests see and interact with products and people during the event, but they can also download content and digest it immediately. 

With a platform like 6Connex, vendors and third-party tradespeople can build digital booths and interact with customers and prospects personally via video chat. From there, it's easy to maintain communication, as the event technology captures the visitor data for you, for easy upload into a CRM program or similar. 

Top Tips for Pharmaceutical Event Management

Although technology can make hosting an event easier, it's not without its ups and downs. In many cases, event planners and organizers don't know how to use event tools effectively. So, here are some top recommendations on how to get the most from your event, no matter what type you're hosting. 

How to Use Technology for an In-Person Event

Even if all your attendees show up in person, you can use technology to make the event more interactive and engaging. Some options include: 

  • Interactive Booths - Have guests use proprietary software to see how it works firsthand. You can also use the software for lead generation and future marketing campaigns. 
  • Online Surveys and Trivia - Guests can access a cloud-based program to submit survey feedback or answer fun trivia questions. This program can also allow you to gather event data to measure engagement and success. You can then use the information to plan better events in the future. 
  • Streaming and Recording - These days, users can conduct a live broadcast from their phones using sites like Facebook. This ability to stream and record the event digitally helps you attract attendees worldwide. Online guests can even interact and comment on the video live, making it more interactive. 

How to Use Technology for a Hybrid Event

With a hybrid event, you need to determine how to make the content entertaining and engaging for both in-person and virtual guests. Also, the logistics of hosting a hybrid event are more substantial since you have to worry about A/V issues for both your venue and the event platform. Fortunately, software like 6Connex removes all the guesswork so you can focus on your guests more and spend less time on troubleshooting. Here are some ways to utilize technology for a hybrid pharmaceutical event: 

  • Augmented Reality Apps - In-person guests can use AR technology to interact with digital characters or avatars. For example, guest speakers can project themselves onto the program so attendees can listen to them speak from anywhere in the building. Online guests can still access the AR feed for a consistent experience. 
  • Multi-Stream Feed - Realistically, your event agenda won't only have one activity taking place at once. To make it easier for all attendees to experience as much of the event as possible, you can broadcast multiple streams simultaneously. For example, if a panel discussion is happening in one room and a seminar in the other, online guests can switch back and forth between feeds. In addition, those attending live don't miss any of your content, as they can view the recordings of the sessions they missed. 

How to Use Technology for a Virtual Event

Fortunately, virtual events make it easy to leverage technology for massive success. If you're planning to host a virtual event, keep these technological components in mind: 

  • Virtual Rooms - If you're hosting a large event, it's hard to manage more than 10 or 20 people at a time. If your event has hundreds of guests, you need to plan accordingly. One way to reduce the stress and logistics of managing so many attendees is to break them into separate rooms. This way, you can control the flow of the event more efficiently and keep track of who's doing what. 
  • Share Apps, Videos, and Other Content - Hosts and speakers can share their screens to show off everything from a PDF file to a video recording. This way, you can be sure everyone experienced the content, and you can host a Q&A session afterward.
  • Virtual Product Showcase - Perhaps you want to show off your new telehealth communications system. Or, maybe you developed a messaging app for patients to send encrypted messages to their doctor. Regardless of the tech you're using, you can showcase it during a virtual event. Either guests can see what using the program or product is like from your POV, or they can test it themselves with a limited or time-sensitive version. 

Let the In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Events Company Help!

When it comes to hybrid and virtual events, pharmaceutical event management is tricky, so it helps to have experts behind you. Our in-person, hybrid, and virtual events company is well-versed on how to host a successful event, and we can provide insight and assistance with everything from planning to execution. Contact us today to learn more.

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