BizBash Connect Detroit: In-Person Events Are Back!

This month, we attended one of our favorite in-person events, BizBash at Connect Marketplace, held in Detroit. Hosting events from Puerto Rico, Tampa, and now Detroit, Bizbash brings #eventprofs together to meet with event vendors and features keynote speakers, presenters, networking opportunities, and more. This year’s event did not disappoint; thousands of event professionals gathered worldwide for speeches, panels, and educational sessions.


6 key takeaways from BizBash Connect:  

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1. In-person events are back!

And it looks like they’re here to stay. The hustle and bustle of traffic from booth to booth was something attendees seemed to enjoy, and the 6Connex team was certainly excited to meet with attendees in person and have some great conversations.


2. Speed Dating for Event Planners was a hit!

BizBash used a powerful AI system to match suppliers with planners and schedule appointments. Each appointment was eight minutes long. A chime sounded to begin and end the meetings, and one to two minutes were allotted in between for travel. Our team loved this idea!


Eventory Event Technology Event Apps

3. Event Apps for in-person shows are popular!

Even though many event organizers are migrating back to in-person event strategies, they’re still planning to incorporate virtual aspects. BizBash attendees were able to trial event technology including event management apps, virtual booths, virtual events, live-streaming panels, Q&As, surveys, live polling, and digital lead scanning, and the tools were well received.



4. Can we say puppies?  

Our team raved about the “de-stress booth” full of puppies! It was a good reminder that activities and promotions are important for driving booth traffic. Other ideas include ice cream parlors, mojito bars, and massage chairs.


Mike Dancing BizBash 6connex

5. There was time to kick back!

There were plenty of activities to enjoy in downtown Detroit at BizBash, including happy hours, a block party, and a beach party! Our team took some time to have fun, network, and dance.




6. The speakers were memorable!

We had an opportunity to hear wonderful keynote speakers, educational leaders, and CEOs share their best practices, tell their stories, and reveal some of their biggest lessons when it comes to planning events. And everyone enjoyed the surprise celebrity guest, Gwyneth Paltrow, not only a mother and an actress, but founder and CRO of goop! What a way to close out a show.

Whether you joined BizBash in-person, virtually, or on-demand, we can all agree that BizBash was a great experience, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the next trade show.

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