Leveling Up Your Corporate Events with Event Technology

You already know that corporate events require a great deal of planning and forethought. Whether you’re launching a new product or welcoming a new round of hires for a big expansion, the right event technology can help you turn a giant chore into an enjoyable experience for all – including the poor folks in charge of planning and executing it!

Many people are surprised to discover that holding an event in a virtual venue, or using an event technology service that enables you to host hybrid events, can make the job even easier. If you’ve never considered virtual corporate events, haven’t explored event tech integrations, and otherwise aren’t familiar with the many tools available in the modern age, it’s time to level up your events with tech today.

Who Is Event Technology For?

The first question we often get about corporate virtual events is who they’re for. And the answer, at risk of sounding a little pat, is Why, everyone, of course! (Okay, that sounded a little pat and a little British, but we stand by it.)

The truth is, very few sectors fail to benefit from virtual experiences for corporate events. It’s so much easier to bring people together when you don’t have to worry about airfare, for one thing. For another, virtual corporate event ideas and technology help you easily:

  • Create breakout rooms of smaller people who can engage on a topic
  • Make webinars with attendance as well as replays of the webinar later
  • Train large groups of people, from new hires to volunteers
  • Hold job fairs to share your mission with crowds of young professionals
  • Host sporting events and parties
  • Combine in-person and virtual experiences to maximize your event’s reach and success

So to circle back to the main question, who benefits from such technology? Consider:

So now you know who benefits. But how do you use events technology to take your remote and in-person experiences to the next level? How can cutting-edge tech combine with age-old human interaction to provide your Perfect People with the best possible time? Let’s take a look.

How to Level Up Corporate Events with Event Technology

If you’re ready to transform your corporate events into a sophisticated, streamlined machine that makes it easy for you to manage and host successful events anywhere in the world, it’s time for a change.

You need technology that scales with you and works in any format. It must accommodate in-person and online events, with seamless and glitch-free apps that help you send invitations, register attendees, check guests in, direct traffic in person and virtually, and create webinars and replays without a hitch. Afterward, you need the ability to follow up with your guests, gather event data, analyze it and create the right reports to learn how to do better next time.

Sure, creating that customized blend of in-person and virtual segments that deliver a unique experience to event attendees across the globe isn’t the easiest thing to do. But the following pivots can help you get there.

1. Create Your Venue in One Simple Step

First things first, you need a venue. Whether it’s a fully virtual event platform, an in-person affair or – increasingly common – a hybrid mix of both, you’ll need strong, scalable technology to help you manage it. That means a beautiful, mobile-optimized website to that you can set up in a matter of minutes without the need for endless IT support. Put your best foot forward from the very beginning with an all-in-one solution that works from cloud to ground.

2. Get Sustainable

Want to go green? Of course you do. Minimize waste and maximize your environmental consciousness (and optics, tbh) with sustainable events that do your company proud.

Our virtual event products are designed to help you do just that. When you host events online rather than in-person, you lessen the need for fossil fuel-based travel. Plus, when you partner with a company that actively measures environmental impact and seeks to reduce it, you do your part to help the world as a whole.

3. Promote Your Virtual Corporate Event: Before, During and After

As we like to say, don’t run your events like it’s 2019, man! Instead, share on-demand content from beginning to end, and long after your event shuts its doors for the final time. Knowing that your fetes offer benefits into the future will help you gather leads and build a crowd that will want to come back next time. And with compelling invitations to boot, you can’t lose.

4. Empower Attendees and Hosts with Digital Ticketing and Sales

Paper tickets? Online evites? Glitchy codes that only work half the time? Confusing login info that makes people late or leaves them out entirely?

Um, no thanks. This isn’t 2001. Instead, you need ticketing and registration systems that help you create tickets, check people in and manage the flow of traffic. They need to be fully integrated with your website and events page, enable discounts and coupons, and work seamlessly the day of.

5. Easily Track Attendance On- and Offsite

Knowing who’s who is an important part of maximizing your event and ensuring that everyone’s there who needs to be. The ability to easily track attendance helps you:

  • Maintain compliance and meet all regulatory requirements that might apply to your event
  • Offer continuing education credit where appropriate
  • Let the right people into gated events without a fuss
  • Guide your attendees from segment to segment seamlessly, helping them have the best possible time
  • Track who comes and goes and the flux of traffic to each part of your event
  • Gather, analyze and report on attendance data long after the last live session has passed

6. Get Help from Event Management Experts, Virtually and In-Person

No event is complete without an event manager. While your company should of course supply a point person and, if desired, a support team, you want someone who can help you set up and manage all the in-person and virtual event technologies as well. Talk to your corporate events technology provider about this.

7. Make the Most of Technology

No matter who you are and what your goals are, you need a few basic types of technology to help you get there. At a minimum, your events management tools should include:

  • A way for guests to manage all their events on the go. From personal schedules to networking with peers and sponsors to accessing info from anywhere, you need an app for that.
  • A tool that helps event managers access and manage activities from near and far, adjust where necessary and see how the event is unfolding in real time.
  • A scanning tool that gives you access to the range of QR code tech and uses. This helps you engage with partners, colleagues, sponsors, partners, exhibitors, speakers and more. All data must be encrypted and in accordance with GDPR to keep you on the right side of the law.

8. Gather Feedback and Reporting for Next Time

It is critically important to ensure you gather tons of data-rich info about how your event went off. You need all the stats on who came, which segments were popular, who chose which panels or talks, and where snags were hit. This will allow you to fix small bugs in your system and create an even more flawless showing next time.

With the right technology, your virtual and in-person events platform will gather that data all along the way. Then it will compile and store it until you’re ready to take a look. Want to crunch the numbers before bringing them to a team or your higher-ups? We can help you do that too.

All you have to do is get started.

Learn More About Corporate Event Management with 6Connex

Are you ready to level up your corporate events today? Are you looking forward to better hires, more effective fundraising, more entertaining conferences, and so on? 6Connex is here.

As the leading provider of in-person, hybrid, and virtual event technology for enterprises worldwide, it’s our job to ensure your in-person and online gatherings help you meet and exceed your benchmarks. We offer virtual event solutions and engagement tools off every kind. Moreover, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution … the possibilities for customization are nearly endless.

Our cutting-edge, cloud-based product portfolio includes in-person event apps, virtual venues, webinars, learning management, and more – all designed for corporations who want to engage their communities in-person, virtually or in a hybrid fashion. We are global, available in any time zone, and backed by top-shelf customer service teams assigned specifically to each client.

Want to learn more? Let us help you transform big ideas into real-world results. We promise you won’t look back, and we invite you to request a virtual event platform demo today!

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