Introducing CNX 2022! An Event Tech Summit Hosted by 6Connex

Create New eXperiences at CNX 2022

It’s time to Create New eXperiences, don’t you think? At 6Connex, we’re excited to announce our Event Tech Summit: CNX. Want to improve your strategy for future in-person, hybrid, or virtual events? Join us and we’ll show you the way. Featuring speakers from Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, the LA Rams, the University of Southern California, BizBash, and more.


What is CNX?

CNX is a 2-day virtual event that will bring together thought leaders, influencers, and multiple stakeholders worldwide to connect, get inspired, collaborate, and learn about event innovations and what lies ahead.


Where and When is CNX?

CNX 2022 will be held within our very own 6Connex virtual event platform on Wednesday, March 9, and Thursday, March 10, starting at 10 a.m. CST.

Who is Speaking at CNX?

This 2-day event led by industry experts is open to the public on Day 1, offering a full agenda including high-profile speakers from the World Champions, LA Rams, and BizBash.

Day 2 will be full of networking and presentations curated exclusively for 6Connex valued customers and technology partners.


Click Here to Download the Full CNX Agenda


How Much Does CNX Cost to Attend? 

Free! CNX 2022 will cost you nothing but time, and we can assure you that it’ll be time well spent.


By the end of CNX, you’ll have a ton of new actionable ideas to implement into your event strategy. If anyone in the virtual event industry is talking about it, we’re talking about it.


Register for CNX today! We'd love to see you there.

Register for CNX - A 6Connex Event Tech Summit

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