From Family Feud To Pictionary: Game Show Ideas For Corporate Team Building

In today's ever-changing digital world, many corporations and organizations are searching for team building ideas that allow employees to connect with one another, whether they're in the physical office or working and collaborating remotely.

Whether you're planning a corporate event or are simply looking for a way to help new employees get to know their team, these game show ideas for work will help you bring your staff together and give everyone a chance to form fun memories.

Here, we'll take a look at some of the best game show ideas for work, how you can make DIY game show ideas work in a digital or hybrid work environment, and how to get your team excited for their virtual or hybrid event.


Game Show Ideas For Corporate Events


Family Feud

You don't have to be a family to dig into the Feud! Poll your workplace with some Family Feud-esque questions to up the authenticity of your game.[1] Split your participants into two teams, and see which team does the best job at guessing the most popular answers to each question. 

Playing Family Feud for your corporate or team building event is a great way to get your employees to practice how to effectively collaborate remotely. Encourage participants to take on the traditional supportive environment of Family Feud, cheering one another on and laughing along the way. 

Family Feud can easily be used for hybrid events. You can even make one "family" the in-office team and one "family" the virtual team. 




Shoutout Alex Trebeck! What a classic. To create a fun experience for your team, construct a Jeopardy game that includes questions on topics relevant to your industry, company, or area. If you want to personalize the game even further, make a category that asks questions about people on your team. 

Bring the game to your team by playing the authentic theme song and asking each person to tell the audience a little bit about themselves before they get started. Work with your virtual event solutions team at 6Connex to learn more about how we can make the game board easily accessible for both in-person and at-home teams.



Suitable for small to medium-size groups, playing Pictionary can be a fun way to get groups laughing and working as a team. During each team's turn, one team member draws an object. The rest of the team has to guess what the object is. 

It's easy to play Pictionary both in-person and virtually, and teams can easily work together on your virtual event platform. The options for participants to draw can either be random (as they are with the standard Pictionary board game), or related to your industry. 

If you have a very large group, it may be more fun to play pairs Pictionary in front of the crowd. Select two people to work together on stage (either the virtual or actual stage). One partner is the drawer, the other is the guesser. This can work well if you have several large departments. Choose one set of teammates from each department to compete against other department teams for a whole-department prize. 



Play charades is simple, takes almost no prep work, and can get your whole team laughing and enjoying each other's company. 

Fun twist: Bring a prop box and allow participants to select a prop to help them act out their charade (or give them a prop they have to incorporate). 

You can either make the topics for charades industry-specific or random. It can also be fun to have supervisors/administrators act out charades while employees guess what they're trying to act out. 


Name That Tune

Today's event tech integrations make it easier than ever to incorporate music into your team activities. Team engagement tools can work as a part of your hybrid event solution to allow you to easily play music that allows your team to participate in the game. 

Name That Tune provides participants with clues into what song will be played, and participants then guess how many notes they'll need to hear to guess the song. Our virtual venues allow you to easily play games like Name That Tune with your group. You don't have to worry about any of the tech for your games with 6Connex; your assigned team will work with you to create the perfect games for your event.


The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right can be a perfect game for a large corporate event, as you'll be able to choose from many smaller games to create your own game show. From Plinko to Avalanche, your team will love using their financial savvy to guess the prices of popular items. 

On The Price Is Right, participants typically win the items from the game in which they participate. This can be a fun idea, but you might also want to add in some prizes from our list below.


Minute To Win It

Perfect for a large group, Minute To Win It can easily be adapted for large groups. In this game, the person or people participating in the Minute To Win It challenge stand on the stage, working to complete a specific task within 60 seconds. 

Your group can divide into two teams, and one person from each team can participate in each challenge. Your virtual venue can help you mix and match both virtual and in-person teams, allowing your staff members to engage in team building with one another, no matter where they are. 

Your Minute To Win It tasks can be pulled from those that have been previously featured on the show, or get creative and make up your own industry-specific options.[2] Have an extremely large group not suitable for teams? You may want to think about asking for volunteers to come on stage to participate in challenges in front of the group. 


Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

If you've been thinking about including family members in your team building activities, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? can be a perfect team game that allows both your employees and their families to dive into a fun activity. 

This option takes a little bit of planning, as you'll need to reach out to employees who have elementary-age kids at home. Pit kiddos against adults in a fun trivia game, and be sure to offer age-appropriate prizes to the winners. This can be an especially fun fit for virtual employees who are trying to entertain kids at home while also participating in virtual team building activities.


Deal Or No Deal

You don't need an army of women holding cases to play Deal Or No Deal with your employees. Your virtual office team can work with you to make the game available to both your at-home and in-person staff members. 

Instead of just including cash prizes in the cases, think about adding company-specific prizes, such as an extra day of vacation time or free lunch for the office. The more you can make your prizes apply to a large group of employees, the more invested the audience will be in encouraging the game player.


Rewarding Your Team

It can be fun to use game show ideas for corporate events, and prizes help you up the ante and keep your team members super-engaged. If you're not sure what types of prizes would motivate your employees to dive in and participate, just ask. They'll be happy to tell you whether a half-day, a happy hour, or a dress-down day would be a good fit to get people participating and having fun.


Ready for Virtual Event Tech? 6Connex Can Help!

If you're looking for virtual event products that can be customized to your every need, 6Connex is here to help you create the digital environment that helps your employees thrive. Reach out to us today to request a demo, and learn more about how we can help you create sustainable events that are engaging, fun, and just as worthwhile as in-person event options.



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