Demand Generation Solutions: How Virtual Summits Can Drastically Drive Results

That’s when they come across the results-driven phenomena that are virtual summits, which includes benefits like:

  1. Expanding brand awareness
  2. Enhancing network opportunities
  3. Saving on physical event costs
  4. Increasing value and ROI

But how exactly do they do it?

Keep reading to learn more about how a virtual summit software can help your company build a solid demand generation strategy.

But first, a quick definition.


Definition of Demand Generation


What is demand generation?


Simply put, demand generation is the process of increasing awareness and building excitement around your product. It’s more branding-focused, which is the major difference between demand generation vs lead generation, the latter tending to be more customer-focused.

demand generation process

Demand generation strategies like using a virtual summit software can help with various aspects of marketing, including the ability to:

  • Reach new markets
  • Promote product features
  • Create consumer buzz
  • Generate PR
  • Re-engage existing customers
  • Build a loyal customer base

If you’re creating a demand generation plan for your business, virtual events should be at the top of your list.


Why Virtual Summits are the Most Powerful Demand Generation Tool


Let’s get into the four ways that virtual summits help your business generate demand.


1. Virtual Summits Increase Brand Exposure


When hosting a physical event, attendance is often limited by the amount of physical space available and the number of representatives each company can afford to send.


By switching to virtual summits, you can reach thousands of attendees and potential leads, especially if you have speakers self-promoting and attendees helping spread the word about your event.


But here’s the best part.


Virtual events can be attended both live and on-demand afterward, so attendees can avoid conflict obligations and more of them can attend. This convenience is integral to any demand generation strategy.


2. Virtual Summits Create Better Networking Opportunities

virtual summit software

Multi-sponsor virtual summits are becoming a more popular way to conduct virtual events.


These summits allow companies to connect with attendees through virtual booths and sponsored sessions, creating new networking opportunities for your attendees that aren’t as widely available at physical events.


Hosting a multi-sponsor virtual summit can also help your own business build and strengthen valuable relationships with your event sponsors.


3. Virtual Events Save On Physical Event Costs


Historically, businesses have only hosted physical events in order to generate demand.


Hosting and attending physical events and conferences can cost companies thousands, even millions of dollars for large, company-wide events. Direct event-related costs like travel, venue rental, hotels, decorations, food, and more all add up fast – not to mention the cost of lost productivity from being out of the office.


While hosting virtual events can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000*, it still saves a considerable amount on costs over hosting physical events.


Here’s the real kicker – you can host more events for the same price, and charge less for entrance.


This generates demand because entrance fees are much lower (often free), making it more popular, scalable, and budget-friendly.


4. Online Summits Increase Event Value And ROI


Virtual summit software has the ability to keep the event running so attendees can rewatch a session or catch up on one they missed. This is also a useful feature if an attendee wants to find key collateral to share with their CEO.


To create even more hype around your content, you can sell exclusive All-Access Passes to specific content and valuable industry insight.


Whatever the case may be, the online summit software can create an environment that attendees can revisit whenever they want.


Amazing, isn’t it? If your team already plans on investing their time to create valuable content and conduct speaker outreach, then a virtual alternative would make the SAME content exponentially more valuable.


The Ultimate Demand Generation Tool: Virtual Summit Software


If your marketing team is planning on making virtual summits their next demand generation effort, then the 6Connex virtual event platform is the tool for the job.


Why? Our strategic partnership with the marketing agency Demand Frontier.


This is the new demand generation frontier— when clients choose to enter in partnership with the 6Connex family, they also have the opportunity to bolster their marketing efforts around their virtual events and improve demand generation efforts in the process.


For more information on how 6Connex and Demand Frontier can help you build the perfect virtual summit for demand generation, schedule a 6Connex demo.


Start Seeing Real Results for Your Demand Generation Efforts


Virtual summits are one of the most powerful demand generation tools in the digital marketing arsenal to date. Don’t waste any more time chasing after leads– let them come to you, and start learning how to nurture them more effectively.


Visit the 6Connex blog to learn more about how to start planning your own virtual summit today.

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