Plotting Your Virtual Event Strategy for 2021 and Beyond – Webinar Q&A

Our virtual event pioneers, Ruben Castaño, CEO and Joakim Jönsson, General Manager for EMEA & APAC regions hosted a 6Connex Webinar: Plotting Your Virtual Event Strategy for 2021 and Beyond.

The audience was given a chance to interact with our Q&A session throughout the duration of the webinar. Below we have listed the various questions asked by our audience members as well as the corresponding answers provided by our team of professionals. If you have any further questions please send them to We would be happy to answer your questions!


Does 6Connex have a partner network in different local markets?

6Connex has a network of global partners. We share our recommendations with our clients on a project-per-project basis.


Is the 6Connex pricing model affordable for events with less than 500 attendees?

We price our services based on the level of innovative, engaging features desired for each specific environment. Based on the selected features and the organizations corresponding budget, our pricing model can definitely be affordable for events with less than 500 attendees.


Does 6Connex the 6Connex platform accommodate hybrid events, and if so, what are best practices?

Yes. As we begin to strategize what the new norm for conferences, meetings and events will look like, we recognize virtual events will never completely replace physical environments. However, businesses will sell themselves short if they don’t provide an opportunity to attend events virtually in addition to in person. We are already seeing the notion to take in-person events, in a post-pandemic world, and add an online component once this is over. In fact, 66% of people are saying they will likely attend more conferences if given online options. Having online extension tools allows you to expand the reach and impact overtime. We believe that overtime there will not be “hybrid events” where there is an online and in-person component. Eventually, this will just be called an “event.”


What advice do you have for exhibitors participating in a virtual event to engage with buyers and improve ROI?

Partnership is critical. Update your content to represent the brand you have partnered with for each specific event. Traditional exhibitions are about 2-4 days in a given week. Virtual opportunities allow individuals to attend for a longer period of time, which is an advantage to exhibitors as the virtual events can be scattered on a weekly, monthly basis, etc. creating a perpetual environment. Leverage these advantages!


What new features and functionality are on the 6Connex product road map?

We have invested heavily in technology to continue building upon our road map in four key areas:

    • Scaling: As use cases continue to develop, scaling becomes a very critical piece
    • Visual layer: 100’s of events have allowed us to update graphics and templates to leverage for better user experience.
    • Engagement layer: This is a huge investment on our end as this is our biggest ROI and allows for perpetual virtual environments for each given customer
    • Actionable metrics: Associated with behaviors of our platform

Will 6Connex incorporate AR in its platform?

Yes, 6Connex will incorporate Augmented Reality functionalities as early as Q3 next year.


Often, virtual events are simply a series of webinars and round tables, where engagement is limited to Q&A sessions. Which 6Connex features create a multi-sensory experience to enhance engagement and personalize the event?

Think of the pathway you want to take attendees on and then strategize accordingly. When you build your agenda don’t pack your schedule with back-to-back webinars. Build agendas with a gap for networking and engaging with peers. Integrate social media walls and provide incentives to encourage engagement.


Which virtual environment platforms and/or technologies integrate with 6Connex?

Most platforms we use (LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, Vimeo, etc.) sit inside our environment and integrate with our platform. Very rarely do we link out.


What type of marketing support does 6Connex provide to help increase market penetration?

6Connex focuses on delivering a great and engaging experience to attendees and customers alike. We support our attendees by providing Thank You emails and reminder campaigns through our registration engine. This also can be accomplished through integration with third party registration tools.


How is 6Connex innovating?

Our technology team continues to innovate new ways to incorporate custom branding and communication within an environment that is easy to navigate, secure and scalable. We have created interactive tools like video chat, real-time Q&As with keynote speaker as well as live, on-demand or simulive webcast sessions, interactive workshops, panel discussions, exhibitor booths functionalities, broadcast messages, single sign-on and the ability to add subtitles in 100+ languages.


How can we improve audience engagement and demonstrate ROI, knowing some exhibitors haven’t had good experiences with virtual events pre-pandemic?

Prior to pandemic clients didn’t really leverage all the tools available to them. As we became accustomed to leveraging virtual in our day-to-day, sponsors have been given the opportunity to leverage many of our really engaging tools to connect with potential buyers, demonstrate their products engage in sales cycle and actually close deals during an event. One of our customers just reported over $2M in sales in a single three-day event. This is an example of how commerce can thrive in a virtual environment. Ultimately our recommendation is play to the strength of virtual and leverage a team of professionals, like the 6Connex customer success team, to deliver to your event expectation.


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