Social Media Wall for Events: 5 Ways to Revolutionize Event Engagement

In the dynamic world of virtual events, the integration of social media walls has become a game-changer. By leveraging platforms like 6Connex and, event organizers can create immersive and interactive experiences. Let's explore how social media walls can transform your next event, drawing inspiration from successful examples.

1. Amplifying Event Promotion through User Engagement

Idea: Leverage user-generated content (UGC) to boost your event's promotional efforts. Encourage attendees to share their excitement and experiences using the event hashtag, and prominently feature this content on your social media wall. Social walls are an excellent tool for showcasing real-time attendee engagement, making the event experience more dynamic and interactive.

Enhanced Strategy with Social Walls

In addition to displaying attendee posts, social walls can be used to create themed displays or contests. For instance, you could organize a photo contest where attendees post pictures related to the event theme, and the best ones get featured on the social wall. This not only encourages more participation but also adds a fun, competitive element to the event.

Further Utilization of Social Walls

Social walls can also be strategically used for highlighting key moments or announcements during the event. For example, when a keynote speaker is about to present, you could use the social wall to display attendee's expectations or questions about the session. This not only increases engagement but also makes the attendees feel like they are a part of the event narrative.

Long-Term Engagement

Post-event, keep the momentum going by continuing to use the social wall. Share highlights, key takeaways, or even a thank-you message to all participants. This keeps the conversation going and maintains engagement, setting a positive tone for future events.

By integrating social walls in these ways, you not only amplify your event promotion, like the benefit of an on-demand webinar but also create a more connected and interactive community around your event.

2. Boosting Real-Time Engagement

Idea: Implement a live social media feed during the event to spotlight attendees and foster interaction. Utilizing a social media wall for this purpose not only enhances the event's dynamism but also significantly boosts attendee engagement.

Extended Strategy with Social Media Walls

To maximize the impact, consider having multiple social media walls at different locations within your event space. Each wall can display a live feed from various social media platforms, ensuring that attendees' posts from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other networks are all captured and showcased. This approach not only amplifies the presence of your event on social media but also encourages attendees to actively participate in the live conversation.

Interactive Elements on Social Media Walls

incorporate interactive elements on your social media walls, such as live polls or Q&A sessions. For instance, during a panel discussion, questions from attendees can be displayed on the social media wall and addressed in real time by the speakers. This not only boosts engagement but also makes the audience feel like an integral part of the event.

Showcasing Diverse Content on Walls

Use your social media walls to display a variety of content types, including text posts, images, and videos. This diversity ensures that the wall remains visually engaging and caters to different types of social media users. For example, a creative video post or a beautifully captured image from an attendee can add a visually stimulating element to your social media wall.

Real-Time Monitoring and Moderation

Ensure that the content displayed on your social media walls is monitored and moderated in real time. This is crucial for maintaining a positive and respectful environment, especially when the wall is open to public posts. A dedicated team can filter out inappropriate content, ensuring that only relevant and positive messages are displayed.

Leveraging Social Media Walls for Branding

Customize your social media walls to reflect your event's branding and theme. This not only makes the walls more visually appealing but also reinforces your event's identity across all social media platforms.

Post-Event Engagement with Social Media Walls

After the event, use the content from your social media walls to create a post-event summary or a highlight reel. Share this on your event's social media channels to keep the conversation going and provide attendees with a memorable recap of their experience.

By strategically using social media walls to boost real-time engagement, you create a dynamic and interactive environment that encourages attendees to connect, share, and engage both during and after the event.

3. Inclusive Engagement Beyond Social Media

Idea: To cater to attendees who are less active on social media, it's essential to provide alternative methods for contributing to the social wall. This can include direct uploads of images or messages, ensuring that every participant has the opportunity to engage with the event.

Enhanced Accessibility with Direct Uploads to the Wall

Platforms like are equipped with features that allow direct contributions to the social wall. This means that attendees who do not wish to use social media can still participate by uploading their content directly to the wall. This approach ensures that the wall becomes a comprehensive display of attendee interactions, not limited to just social media posts.

Integration of Email Submissions with the Social Wall

Another effective method to encourage participation is by allowing attendees to submit their content via email, which can then be displayed on the social wall. This could include text feedback, images, or even short video clips. By integrating these email submissions into the social wall, you create a more inclusive environment where every attendee's voice can be heard.

QR Codes for Easy Access to the Wall

To make it easier for attendees to contribute to the social wall, consider using QR codes. These can be strategically placed around the event venue, allowing attendees to quickly scan and access a submission portal. This method simplifies the process, encouraging more attendees to participate, regardless of their familiarity with social media platforms.

Showcasing a Variety of Contributions on the Wall

Ensure that the social wall displays a diverse range of contributions, not just social media posts. This could include photos from the event, direct messages of feedback or appreciation, and even artistic submissions related to the event theme. By diversifying the content on the wall, you create a richer and more engaging display.

Interactive Features on the Wall

To further enhance engagement, incorporate interactive, engagement tool features on the social wall. This could include live polls or quizzes where attendees can participate directly on the wall, without needing to go through social media channels. Such interactive elements can significantly boost attendee involvement and make the event experience more enjoyable.

Post-Event Engagement Using the Wall

After the event, use the content collected on the social wall, including direct uploads and social media posts, to create a comprehensive recap. Share this on your event website or via email newsletters to all attendees. This not only serves as a memorable takeaway for participants but also demonstrates the inclusive nature of your event.

By providing multiple avenues for engagement and ensuring that the social wall reflects a wide range of contributions, you create an inclusive environment that values every attendee's input, regardless of their social media activity.

4. Interactive Elements: Social Photo Booths

Idea: Enhance the interactive aspect of your event by connecting a virtual photo booth to your social wall. This allows attendees to take and share branded selfies, adding a fun and personalized element to your event's social feed.

Extended Strategy with Social Photo Booths

Integrating a virtual photo booth in your virtual venue not only encourages attendees to engage but also creates a unique opportunity for them to contribute to the event's social content. By using branded frames or filters, these selfies can serve as powerful marketing tools, spreading the word about your event across various social platforms.

Example of Enhanced Engagement

By combining with Snapbar, an event was able to significantly boost attendee interaction. Participants enjoyed the novelty of taking branded selfies and were excited to see their photos displayed on the social wall. This not only enhanced the event's social presence but also created a more vibrant and engaging social feed.

Creating a Buzz on Social Platforms

Encourage attendees to share their in-person or virtual photo booth selfies on their personal social media accounts. This not only amplifies the event's reach on various social platforms but also helps in creating a buzz around the event. As these selfies get shared, they attract more attention to the event, potentially drawing in a larger audience.

Leveraging Social Content for Brand Exposure

The photos taken at the virtual, in-person, or combination of booth, hybrid event, a photo booth can be used as valuable social content post-event. Share a collage or a highlight reel of these images on your event’s social media pages. This not only serves as a fun recap for attendees but also showcases your brand's dynamic and interactive event style to a wider audience.

Interactive Contests Using the Photo Booth

To further engage attendees, organize contests where the best or most creative selfie from the photo booth wins a prize. This encourages more participants to use the photo booth and share their images, creating a lively and competitive atmosphere.

Real-Time Display on the Social Wall

As attendees share their photo booth images, display them in real time on the social wall. This real-time showcase can create a sense of excitement and anticipation, as attendees look forward to seeing their photos on the big screen.

Feedback and Engagement through Social Feed

Use the social feed to gather feedback about the photo booth experience. Encourage attendees to post their thoughts and suggestions on social platforms, which can then be displayed on the social wall. This not only fosters a sense of community but also provides valuable insights for future events.

By integrating interactive elements like social photo booths and effectively utilizing them to enhance the social feed and engagement on various social platforms, you can significantly elevate the overall experience and social content of your event.

5. Leveraging UGC for Future Event Promotion

Idea: Capitalize on the power of user-generated content (UGC) by using your social wall to display positive experiences from your event. Embedding this content on your registration page for future events can significantly enhance interest and drive registrations.

Enhanced Strategy with Social Channels

To maximize the impact of UGC, actively encourage attendees to share their experiences on various social channels during the event. This can include selfies, comments, videos, and any other form of content that reflects their positive experiences. By doing so, you not only generate a wealth of content for your social wall but also increase your event's visibility across different social networks.

Example of Effective UGC Utilization

An annual tech summit successfully leveraged this strategy by showcasing past attendees' selfies and positive comments on their registration page. This approach not only created a buzz around the event on various social channels but also played a crucial role in driving registrations for their next summit. The displayed UGC acted as social proof, showcasing the event's success and attendee satisfaction, which in turn attracted new participants.

Social Networks as a Promotional Tool

Utilize social networks to gather and display UGC. Encourage attendees to tag your event and use specific hashtags when posting on their social channels. This not only helps in collating content for your social wall but also enhances your event's presence across different social media platforms.

Showcasing Diverse UGC

Ensure that the UGC displayed on your social wall and registration page includes a variety of content types. This could range from text-based testimonials to visual content like photos and videos, providing a comprehensive view of the attendee experience. Such diversity makes the content more relatable and appealing to a wider audience.

Engaging with UGC on Social Channels

Actively engage with the UGC posted on social channels. This could involve liking, commenting, or even sharing attendee posts on your event's official social media accounts. Such engagement not only makes attendees feel valued but also encourages others to share their experiences.

Post-Event UGC Strategy

After the event, continue to collect and showcase UGC on your social channels. Share highlights, attendee testimonials, and other positive content to maintain the momentum and keep your event fresh in the minds of potential attendees for future events.

By strategically leveraging UGC on your social wall and across various social channels, you create a compelling narrative for your event. This not only enhances your promotional efforts for future events but also strengthens your presence across different social networks, attracting a broader audience.

Elevating Your Event Experience with 6Connex and

Transform your events into unforgettable experiences by integrating a dynamic social media wall, particularly through innovative platforms like 6Connex. This powerful tool not only boosts attendee engagement but also weaves lasting memories. Social media walls act as a pivotal bridge, seamlessly connecting your brand with its community, and are instrumental in amplifying your event's promotion, and engagement, and sustaining momentum long after the event concludes.

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Discover the Magic of Social Walls

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