How to Use a Virtual Event Platform to Build Your Corporate Culture

Working remotely is the new norm, and businesses who recognize and embrace this trend will ultimately enjoy a happy, more productive culture. The last few years have proven that employees who prefer a total virtual or hybrid approach to their schedule are favorable options. Based on research by Global Workplace Analytics, 43 percent of current remote workers who were forced to work at home during the pandemic wish to continue working remotely post-pandemic.[1] Major employers like Facebook, Shopify, Google, and Hubspot were practicing the remote work from home method prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are extremely satisfied with the results.

Let's just cut to the chase... Remote working is here to stay. Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot sums it up. “Do you want to access talent everywhere, or just in specific markets? If the answer is everywhere, you need to be at least open to the possibility of remote work — it opens doors to attracting and retaining talent around the world, literally and figuratively," she said.[2]


Turning WFH Challenges into Opportunities

There are challenges to this new remote environment. Working from home creates new challenges (and opportunities) for both the employer and the employee. Remote working requires a dedicated, private workspace, as well as the proper technology to make this successful. Working parents could be interrupted by children and other distractions and overachievers may experience time management issues. There is also a new dynamic involved in working remotely. Collaboration and in-person communication through meetings take on a whole new element. Even though video conferencing tools like Zoom and virtual software like Microsoft Teams allow face-to-face options, new interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and soft skills need to be practiced and understood.

And then there is the supervision aspect. How do you reward positive outcomes and engage in HR issues? According to a Career Builder survey, more than 50 percent of managers are not trained in people management. Managers should take a look at their role, focus on their listening skills, and adjust their practices to keep their relationships with their remote employees strong to create a bridge for stronger communication. This is where a virtual events provider can assist companies looking for either fully virtual work environments or hybrid combinations


Leveraging a Virtual Event Platform for Remote Work and Building Your Corporate Culture

A reputable virtual environment and virtual venue platform can be the full package an organization needs to enhance the physical workplace, or even one that is already fully remote. Virtual venue software, like 6Connex, provides the tools necessary to make a virtual work culture successful. At 6Connex, we go above and beyond the everyday virtual platform by offering an “Open Universe” of unlimited integrations within virtual environments. You can use whatever you and your employees prefer to communicate; Slack messaging, Zoom, messaging apps, social media platforms, music, content management systems, webcasting software and so many more. 


Tips to Improve Your Corporate Culture With Your Remote Employees

Commemorate Milestone

Employees who are working from home are missing the human interaction that connecting by the water coolers provide. Pivot your process and make an effort to celebrate milestones like work anniversaries, landing a major contract, and other accomplishments. Plan a virtual party for the team to attend from the comfort of their own homes. Mail a special package to your team and fill it with confetti, a handwritten note from the company owner, and cake or candy to personally thank them for their contributions.


Virtual Team Building

Once upon a pre-pandemic time, team building was reserved for a day or two offsite to spend valuable time getting to know each other. Today, team building should be more regular when held virtually. Organizations can host meetings within their virtual environments that include trivia, online scavenger hunts, bingo, chair yoga, and other fun, lighthearted activities. These are known to boost morale and offer a fun working environment. Present the winners with gift certificates, paid time off or a plaque they can display in their home office.


Create a Buddy System

Create a buddy system for both remote and hybrid employees. Working from home can cause burnout and personal isolation. Teaming up employees to check in on one another via phone, email, texting or virtual platform bridges the gap and strengthens team spirit.


Virtual Gatherings After Hours

Team building and forming strong collaborative relationships also happen outside office hours. Lunch groups, walking partners, and going to happy hour after work developed valuable connections that rolled over into the workplace. Plan a fun after-work virtual event, like a happy hour, within your virtual environment. Invite your team to a virtual venue platform, and ask them to bring their beverage of choice. Play music in the background and when everyone is on the call, enjoy a light, carefree conversation.


Welcome to the Team

Create exciting celebrations online to welcome new members to the company. Invite everyone in the company to attend within the virtual event platform, not just the immediate team. Crossing over and introducing everyone to one another creates a family-like culture, where both new and veteran employees feel a part of the bigger picture.


Informational Skill Building Sessions

Learning is an ongoing journey and important to strong company culture. Provide lunch and learns using a conference platform and feature experts in different topics. This shows you care about your employees' professional growth. You can also leverage a virtual environment featuring break rooms for smaller groups to have one-on-one intimate conversations. Get interactive and create polls and Q&A sessions to allow employees to participate.


Open "Virtual Door" Policy

Employees may find it difficult to share concerns or problems they are experiencing in a group meeting. Create a welcoming, one-on-one, open "virtual door policy" so they know you are just a video conference call away. This will create a warm, friendly, family-like culture while handling small issues before they grow into bigger problems. In addition, if logistics and time allow, carve out some time and schedule an in person meeting if necessary. 


It's time to embrace and welcome today's growing remote working trend and create a culture that encourages productivity, creativity, and flexibility.

For more information on how you can begin leveraging a virtual venue for your remote employees, contact us at 6Connex today, or schedule a virtual event demo.


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