The Top 6 Must Have Features For In-Person Event Apps

Over the last couple of years, more and more organizations embraced virtual event solutions. Although event organizers were originally compelled to trial virtual event formats due to the pandemic, many realized the benefits of the technology, and now virtual event platforms and their complementary suite of event apps are continuing to pick up steam despite an increase in in-person gatherings.

According to one recent study, about 60% of smartphone users say they use their mobile devices at in-person social gatherings and events. When you consider there were an estimated six billion global mobile users at the end of 2020, you're talking about a massive number of people. Based on these statistics, it should come as no surprise that the number of available event-specific apps has grown at an average rate of 20%, year over year. 

Event apps are powerful engagement tools. They help create more sustainable events by reducing paper use, and they decrease overhead costs for both event planners and vendors alike. But because of how easy and cost-effective it is for brands to create their own in-person event apps, the novelty has worn off, and it can be difficult to ensure your specific event app stands out. To differentiate your event experience with a state-of-the-art app, you need to make sure the app is more than a website wrapped in an app-shaped container and adds legitimate value to the event experience. Here are some event app features to consider. 


1. Event Countdown App Functionality

One of the main purposes of an in-person event app is to generate excitement and ease of use. Therefore, you want to promote your event app early and often to make sure your attendees download it well in advance of the event. Then, you can use the app to build anticipation in the weeks and days leading up to the event itself. An in-app event countdown  feature is a fun way to engage your attendees before your event kicks off, and you can present the event countdown in any number of ways, for example as a timer or a calendar, complete with an alarm, push notifications, and more.


2. In-Person Event Apps for Planning

Other great features to add to your in-person event app  are those that help your attendees plan their event experience.

If you're attending a trade show, for example, it can be time consuming to navigate to the registration desk, check in, and receive your badge and a copy of the agenda and floorplan. With event apps, however, event attendees can check in via the app, receive a digital badge and agenda, and access an interactive exhibitor floor plan -  all well in advance. Attendees can also review a list of participating vendors, booth numbers and locations, company descriptions, and more, which enable them to map out a game plan for navigating the exhibit hall. The interactive floor plan can also be used to highlight locations for presentations and networking lounges so attendees don't miss any programming. Your app can even include city and destination guides containing information about nearby restaurants or points of interest to help attendees plan their time outside of the event. 


3. Event Apps for Event Management

For vendors and event planners alike, event apps can streamline event planning functionality, with advanced administrative features that consolidate event scheduling, communication, and more into one platform. In addition, an app for event management can also be a great way for vendors to measure the success of their efforts. Using tools such as QR codes, they can track session attendance, measure engagement, solicit attendee feedback, and more to gauge the ROI or return on their event investment in real-time. 


4. The Benefits of an Event Ticket App

One benefit of leveraging a virtual venue for events is that you can leverage apps for registration and ticketing. These apps create a positive first impression with attendees by delivering a sophisticated, seamless event entry experience. Attendees can easily register and enter your event by simply accessing their phone and scanning a QR code, and for those who would like to take health precautions, the apps enable contactless entry. 

In addition, vendors and event organizers appreciate that event ticket apps provide registration, behavior, and attendance data immediately, enabling them to quickly create a personalized attendee experience by making real-time recommendations on agendas and meetings and driving attendees to virtual booths, networking opportunities, sponsored sessions, and more.  


5. Make an Impression with an Event Scheduling App

Scheduling functionality is a must-have feature of in-person event apps, especially if the event itself is quite large. The app can act as a single place for attendees to access speaker bios, read presentation abstracts, verify session times and locations, and more. The apps can even allow attendees to build personalized event agendas and receive alerts prior to a scheduled activity. 


6. The Excitement of an Event Photo Sharing App

Finally, no in-person nor virtual event would be complete without opportunities to share photos or a virtual photo booth. And giving attendees the ability to share their event photos via an app is a perfect way to keep them engaged and get more out of the event. 

Technology Adds Value to your In-Person Event Experience

At 6Connex, we understand how important in-person events are to your success. There's nothing like face-to-face interactions to create a deeper level of engagement. But as virtual event products have demonstrated over the last two years, technology can add significant value to your event experience.

If you're interested in learning more about the critical features of in-person event apps or the latest in event tech integrations, contact 6Connex today or request a virtual event platform demo

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